Tantalise your tongue and let your taste buds commence battle with the launch
Of the most extreme flavour combination in new Doritos Collisions, the hottest
Snack to hit the shelves.  A revolutionary concept of two different great bold
Flavours in one bag, you control the mash-up of the ultimate flavour

Launching with two choices of mouth-watering flavours, you can get stuck into
Juicy T- Bone Steak & Grilled Pepper or delicious Chicken Sizzler & Zesty
Salsa.  Each with the two complementary flavours in one bag, you can experiment
On the taste choice you create.  So whether a night in with your mates, a picnic
Or party, there will be no falling out over which flavour crisps make the final
Cut.  Doritos Collisions are the exciting and engaging solution to the flavour
Battle, guaranteeing the only explosion will be your taste buds.

Take your pick and then get playful in finding out which Doritos Collisions
Combo you will unleash.

Doritos Collisions, available in 220g (RRP £1.77p), will be available in all
Major supermarkets and selected independent retailers from August 2008. Visit for more information.

What Girlie Gossip Thought…

Just when you thought that Doritos couldnt get any better they bring out these fab new flavours! Our favourite was the T Bone Steak and Grilled pepper as the flavours just complimented eachother so well. They are deliciously tasty and it is almost impossible to resist eating the whole bag once you start! So go on, give the diet a miss and tuck into these, you know you want to!

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