The Green Glow Brick is a Fun Alternative Lighting Idea!

Glow-in-the-dark pigment trapped inside a real light bulb (just like the ones you have at home). Then the light bulb is encased in a solid block of Acrylic resin.
The mysterious optical effect is caused by light diffracting in the tiny space between the glass of the light bulb and the resin, the space forms when the resin shrinks by a tiny amount during the production possess. The polished surface gives a jewel like quality to the object.
In a darkened room or at night the Glow Brick comes to life with a tranquil and subtle glow emanating from the pigment inside the light bulb.
Dimensions: 85 X 85 X 105mm
The technical term for glow-in-the-dark is “photoluminescence” this is a process in which energy absorbed by a substance is released relatively slowly in the form of light. No mains power or batteries are required.

We love new and exciting lighting ideas and when we first saw the glow brick we fell madly in love! It is so modern and slick that it would be an added design element to any house and a great alternative/supplement to standard lighting ideas. Plus of course, it doesn’t cost anything to run! It glows a fantastic eerie green colour at night. Also available in blue this really is the perfect gadget for anyone into design or eco friendly products! Priced at just £15.95 from BigGreenSmile it won’t break the bank either.

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