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After watching the hit MTV reality show ‘The Hills’ for the past 5 seasons, something is becoming blindingly obvious. It’s no longer about Lauren and her friends, it’s all about The Pratt’s; Spencer and Heidi that is…

When the show first launched Heidi was always one of my favourite cast members, her happy go lucky attitude was refreshing compared to Lauren’s trademark scowl she seems to wear of late. When Spencer came on to the scene, the dynamics between the girls changed and I must admit, back then I was one of the many people complaining about how annoying he was, but as the series has developed Spencer and Heidi have been the ones responsible for making this show the huge success it now is.


Whilst Lauren seems to have turned into something of a sour faced spoil sport, Heidi and Spencer have remained entertaining and hilarious throughout. I’ve even come to love Spencer’s cheesy one liners and admit that what once grated on me is now the only thing keeping me tuning into the show!

The decision to bring Laurens long term friend Lo on board seemed like a good one at first, but she soon revealed her more bitchy nature and every time I watch I get the feeling she’s looking down her nose at people thinking how much better than them she is. I could be wrong of course, but I’m guessing she’s not quite as sweet and innocent as she makes out!

Audrina is still fantastic and I love that she’s finally stood her ground with Justin Bobby! Brody is gorgeous and although I’d love to see him and Audrina hook up properly, I think he’s far too much of a nice guy and just wants to relax and be happy without all the drama. Who can blame him?

Stephanie Pratt is a tough one to work out, she provides some great entertainment and is very pretty, she must be wearing contacts in some scenes though, right? Her eyes can’t be that blue?

All in all, I can’t wait to see what the world of reality TV holds in store for the cast of The Hills, but secretly just want to see a show that revolves around Heidi and Spencer (Kind of like a ‘Newlyweds’ show) with perhaps the odd cameo from Brody, Audrina and co. Who knows, maybe that will happen now that Lauren has supposedly quit the show?


  • Lucy says:

    Your take on this Season of The Hills is so on target!

    There has been a drastic change in everyone’s attitudes! Both Cast & Viewers! I must admit I found Spencer very annoying initially and despised him for coming in between LC & Heidi’s friendship! But this season he has been rather charming with the odd step back or two or three (via Stacie)! But his Twitter persona is pretty charming and has an enduring quality you can forgive! Heidi – well what can I say always loved Heidi! So very pleased she is back to her happy go lucky self. Which obviously shows she has grown in herself within their relationship?

    As for the rest! Brody, Frankie & Sleazy T are always entertainment!!! As much as I love Audrina, must say I have Jayde’s back on this one – purely because I don’t think either Brody or Audrina played by the relationship rules! Naughty naughty!

    Definitely been a fun season thus far and can’t wait to see the rest!

    As for LC’s farewell… Lauren Conrad will always be the Hills! But we should have a whole new show to look forward to next season.

  • Debs says:

    They annoyed me at first but your right they do grow on you… some great bits in the latest episode plus check out Heidi’s engagement ring very nice!

  • Aileen says:

    Actually I disagree on a few of your points!!!

    In my opinion, Spencer and Heidi are completely fake. They’ve played it well, seeing how their ‘relationship’ has caused so much interest they’ve stuck to it purely to get ahead. I know we don’t see their conversations in full but what we do see, Heidi’s a complete doormat. No matter what she complains to Spencer about, whether its him flirting with certain bartenders or his abuse towards her family, he can completely manipulate the situation and turn it around as if she has the problem. And she takes it!!! Spencers a vile excuse for a man on the show, whethers he’s really like this is anyones guess. Heidis done well for herself even though it seems all she has is Spencer.

    Audrina’s a bit ditzy. we’ve all had that guy who we ‘love’ soooo much n keeps messing us around, but ENOUGH! Four years of her crying and falling yet again for his crap is too much. As for her and Brody, I’ve never understood girls going after guys (especially friends) when they’re already involved. Is LA really that small that you can’t set your sights on someone unattached?! Wasn’t she the one countless of times crying over JB ‘dating’ other girls? oh no, thats right he doesn’t like the term ‘girlfriend’! Maybe he’s JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!

    Lauren and Whitney are classic. I’m so sad at the thought of Lauren gone because at the end of it she’s The Hills. She can be too serious and get too involved with ‘fights’ and other peoples relationships. But from the start I loved that she was serious about going to school, getting her internship, not having a boyfriend again till she’s ready. She’s focused and determined. I wish they’d all grow up and be stronger women and stick together but i suppose the show wouldn’t be as great and addictive as it is if they were!

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