The Orphanage – Top Scary Movie of the Week!

If you love horror movies then this week’s top pick of the DVD’s will be right up your street! The Orphanage is brought to you by Juan Antonio Bayona and Pan’s Labyrinth Director Guillermo del Toro and is an eerie beautifully told horror film that is not to be missed! …

Focusing on the lives of a family living in an old abandoned orphanage it is effectively a ghost story at heart, telling of the bizarre happenings that begin to occur within the walls of this mysterious building and how they lead to something much more captivating and disturbing.

Laura and her family move back to the old orphanage where she spent years growing up and decide to make it their home, however when her son Tomas begins to hold conversations with seemingly imaginary friends she realises that something is not quite right. The conversations soon turn into games, and one fateful game leads to Tomas disappearance and his family’s frantic search to find out exactly where he is and what happened to him.

Delving head first into the world of the paranormal this movie has a consistently eerie and unnerving feel to it from start to finish and is mixed with some truly emotional scenes that must be seen to be believed. Full of twists and turns this is one of our favourite horror films this week and we can’t recommend it enough to the more mature Girlie Gossip readers out there!

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