The Vampire Diaries – Season 1 Episode 4 Review & Spoilers


The latest instalment of The Vampire Diaries came crashing onto our screens recently and we’ve got the low-down on what happened, our favourite bits of the episode and all the juicy spoilers for those who missed it.

The tension between Stefan and Damon is mounting this week, and our first scene kicks off with the two brothers having another of their heated debates in the Salvador mansion. After exchanging a few off the cuff unpleasant remarks to each-other and playing with sharp knives (those pesky vamps!) they go their separate ways and we cut to the opening credits.

With Damon exorcising more control over Caroline it becomes clear that she’s living on borrowed time with the troubled vampire. There was a fab scene where Damon is sat on the bed reading Twilight and complaining about how ‘Whipped’ Edward is, Kudos to the producers for slipping that one in there after the constant comparisons between The Vampire Diaries and Twilight.

Elaina invites Stefan to a rather upper class party and when the two arrive arm in arm it soon becomes all to apparent that Stefan has attended the ball before. Nicely saved by Damon of course, who swoops in at the last minute with a great cover story to save the day. We later learn more about the infamous Katherine that the two brothers were madly in love with and Damon attempts to sway Elaina’s opinion of Stefan with his cleverly edited version of the story.

After a failed attempt to weaken Damon with Vervain earlier in the episode Stefan comes up with a cunning plan to spike Caroline’s drink with it. His plan falls perfectly into place when as predicted Damon tires of Caroline who has served her purpose (obtaining an as yet unexplained crystal from the jewellery box at the party) and goes in for the kill. Mid way through Damon weakens and reels back in horror when he realises that his brother has drugged him. Well played Stefan!

Stefan and Zack lock Damon away in the basement with their Vervain crop and as we think the episode is ending we cut to a scene with some key players from this episode (Caroline’s police woman mum, Tyler’s mayor and first-lady parents, and Jenna’s news-reporter ex-boyfriend) in which a new exciting plot twist is revealed. These guys know about the vampires return to Mystic Falls and they are hell bent on stopping them taking more lives! With a reference to the elusive pocket watch (Elaina’s family heirloom, now in brother Jeremy’s possession) we learn that things may not be quite as they seem in this sleepy little town.

Favourite quote of the week:
Damon ““This is John Varvatos, dude. Dick move.” Upon being stabbed through the shirt by Stefan in the opening scene.

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