The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 2 Review & Spoilers


So, after finding ourselves hooked half way through episode one of The Vampire Diaries we couldn’t wait to see how the series progressed. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed and here’s why…

We open with a girl and a guy in a makeshift tent, making out and waiting to see the arrival of an extremely rare comet only visible once ever 140 years or so. The guy goes off to ‘get something from his car’ and the girl hears raindrops falling on the roof of the tent. Only we all know with Kevin Williamson around, it’s never just raindrops. Realising that it is of course blood dripping from the corpse in the tree above the girl runs screaming to the car which is locked and we hear the bleep-bleep of the remote resound sinisterly off camera. Oh Damon!

The tension between Elena and Stefan is mounting but when Elena pays an unannounced visit to Stefan’s grand manor house she’s shocked to find herself confronted with Damon who reveals to her some information about Stefan’s past relationship with Katherine. Damon is perfectly smarmy in this scene but it’s not until Stefan makes his appearance that you can really cut the tension with a knife. The whole scene is spent with Stefan and Damon locked in a death stare whilst exchanging fake pleasantries between themselves and a bewildered Elena who soon makes a hasty exit.

Stefan and Damon later launch into a ‘glamouring’ war over Vicky (she was attacked in the woods in the last episode) as she recovers in hospital, the conclusion of which leads to a dramatic standoff on a building rooftop where we see just how much more power Damon has than Stefan as he successfully controls Vicky’s thoughts to his own will. It is then revealed just how far Damon will go to get his brother to revert to his lifestyle of feeding from humans.

Stefen stands his ground and Damon backs down, but it is soon clear he has more plans in store for the town when he has a little rendezvous of his own with Elena’s friend Caroline.

Despite Elena and Stefan getting closer I think there’s going to be some major plot twists along the way. I wonder if we’ll ever see a softer side to Damon or if he is really all bad? The development of Elena’s other friend with the psychic abilities should also be an interesting one to watch, will she sense the truth about Stefan before Elena does?

My favourite cheesy yet awesome line from tonight’s episode was when Stefan and Elena were talking about what they wrote in their journals in two different scenes “we met and we talked and it was epic“ that line is SO Dawson’s Creek I can’t help but wonder if it is from the original book or if Kevin brought that one to the table himself. Either way, I almost got goosebumps!

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