The Vampire Diaries – Season 1 Episode 3 Review & Spoilers


This episode was all about Stefan. We see him finally deciding it’s time to try and blend into the crowd and putting some of his natural vampy talents to good use! What does a Vampire do to blend in at American high school I hear you ask? Why, join the football team of course!

Stefan gives Elaina a necklace which unbeknown to her is filled with Vervain (weakens vampires) and asks her to wear it for him. Luckily for her she does, as this now makes her immune to Damon’s powers of persuasion, much to his disgust after he attempts to will her into kissing him. Her response is a short swift slap across the face with the cutting words “I am not Katherine!”

Damon proves his extreme dark side when he brutally kills coach tanner during a heated argument with Stefan, just when we thought he might be softening!! There are plenty more chilling scenes to come with our favourite cold and calculated vamp of course as he torments Caroline further, faking sleep and pouncing on her was actually a really well choreographed piece of cinematography that had a surprisingly eerie feel about it.

We see a little more of Jeremy this episode as the complexity of his and Vicky’s relationship continues and the two argue about whether or not Vicky only fell for him because of the drugs. I hope these two get together! Jeremy looks set to be a really interesting character in the coming months…

Despite the fact that Elaina is getting more and more Joey Potter like every episode I’m finding myself well and truly hooked and can’t wait for the next instalment! A little bird also tells me that the series has been signed for 9 more episodes and a full 22 episode season! Great news for fans and long may the success continue.

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