Trident Sweet Kicks Chewing Gum


Enjoy the taste of chocolate with less guilt and indulge in a sweet treat without all the calories. For chocolate lovers everywhere, Trident has launched the brand new mind-blowing Trident Sweet Kicks – a deliciously different gum that offers a guilt free sweet treat.

Crunch through a mint flavoured crisp shell and discover a delicious chocolaty liquid centre – Trident Sweet Kicks offers a unique, indulgent new twist on chewing gum. A permissible sweet treat for those wanting a satisfying sweet hit throughout the day, it’s the ultimate guilt-free pleasure on the go.

For an irreplaceable piece of pleasure in a sugar free low calorie gum Trident Sweet Kicks is available in shops priced at 50p for a nine piece pack. Have a flirt with chocolate with Trident Sweet Kicks.

What Girlie Gossip Thought …

Yummy little chewing gums that really help when you need a choccy fix but don’t want to sit and scoff a whole bar at once (Oh the shame!) these are great for keeping in your bag, or just having handy for when you fancy that extra bit of a sweet kick. The chocolate also actually dissapears quite quickly and you are left with a nice minty chewing gum that isn’t too sickly sweet. Yum!

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