Wild Child Emma Roberts Interview

WILD CHILD – Emma Roberts Interview – By Holly Rosenblatt on behalf of Girlie Gossip. Keep reading after the Jump for our full interview and plenty of gossip from the star of Wild Child herself Emma Roberts …

H: Can you tell me in your own words what Wild Child is about?
E: Basically it’s about this spoiled girl who gets shipped off to boarding school in England because she can’t follow the rules so her dad gets mad and sends her away.

H: What attracted you to playing the role of Poppy?
E: I love the movies like Mean Girls and Clueless and this really reminded me of that and I’d never really played a character like that before – I always played like the girl next door, so it was cool to get to play someone completely different.

H: Did you fell there were any parallels between yourself and Poppy?
E: We’re both like sarcastic, and kinda funny sometimes and I think we both know what its like to be the new girl so in those ways I could relate to her.

H: Have you been enjoying spending time in the UK this year?
E: Oh yeah – I love it England, especially London; it’s been great to be back for a few days!

H: Have you got any hotspots in London that visit?
E: I love the Electric! And I love Topshop and Selfridges.

H: You’ve worked with some impressive talent recently: Aidan Quinn, Natasha Richardson – has anyone given you any tips or advice?
E: No one has really given me any advise as such but it was great working with Natasha, she’s just lovely and that was really fun.

H: Your characters have all had a pretty definitive sense of fashion – Are you into fashion? Have you got a personal style? What do you like to wear personally?
E: Pretty casual but today I dressed up so I like to wear dresses, I love to wear Juicy Couture and jeans and a shirt and Alice and Olivia too.

H: Do you think there’s a big difference between the way British girls dress and American girls dress?
E: Yeah, British girls dress way cuter – I think they take a lot more risks and like they wear vintage, and the vintage stuff over here is amazing and I love their style.

H: Isn’t vintage huge in LA though?
E: It is but it isn’t real vintage, so it’s not as cute as here.

H: What would be the 3 fashion accessories you can’t live without?
E: I have these black boots that’s I just got that I’m like obsesses with I wear them all the time. I think tights are like a must-have and then I really love C&C t-shirts, I think they’re really cute.

H: If you could live your life like a character from a book who would you choose?
E: Ooh that’s a good question. I love the Gossip Girls series so I’d want to be Serena Van Der Woods…. for fun!

H: Coming from a background with such a deep rooted involvement in entertainment did you feel a pressure to follow suite or was it quite organic for you?
E: Well I’ve been on sets since I was a little kid, and I’ve grown up around it and its something I’ve always wanted to do so it seemed pretty natural to me.

H: And if you weren’t an actress, is there anything else you thought you’d would like to do?
E: Well I love fashion so probably something in fashion but I also love photography. Travel round the world taking pictures.

H: Do you pursue photography in your spare time?
E: Yeah I do.

H: Have you got any tips for aspiring actresses out there?
E: Well if you wanna pursue it you should do it but like you can’t be upset if you get rejected because I got rejected at auditions and haven’t got parts but there will be something out there for you so just keep working at it. Do plays at school and see if you like it!

H: Is that how you started off – doing plays at school?
E: Not really but I did one play at camp where I was the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland but other than that I don’t really do plays. I don’t like plays I get too scared.


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