WIN A Fab Girlie Book Bundle!


Love chick lit? So do we! That’s why we’re so glad that the fabulous people over at have offered us some fab girlie book bundles to give away to Girlie Gossip members!

One lucky winner will bag themselves the whole set of books (as pictured) and x5 runners up will each win a copy of one of the books.


Debby Holt – Love Affairs for Grown Ups

Paige Toon – Chasing Daisy

Jackie Collins – Married Lovers

Karen Quinn – The Sister Diaries

Milly Johnson – A Spring Affair

Perfect for a great girlie night in!


To enter simply leave us a comment below telling us your own personal favourite book and why you loved it. Simples!!

We’ll pick winners at random from all comments received, so good luck and get chatting below!

Comp closes 15th Feb 2010.


  • Cassieopea says:

    I’m still looking for my favourite book but enjoying looking. My favourite so far is the Time Travellers Wife. A mix of Science Fiction and Romance which was fresh. Not watched the fim, not sure if that would ruin my opinion.

  • kelly_333_333 says:

    Last year I read all of the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella and couldn’t put them down, I know it isn’t just one book but seeing as the follow one another I had to mention them all! Shame the film didn’t match up to the books though!

    Twitter @KellySee

  • Sarah says:

    The Stephanie Meyer Twilight Saga has had me absolutely enthralled. I’m going to read them from the beginning again soon as I had liked them so much.

  • Tulip2uk says:

    Not sure what books are my favourite but I do love to tuck in to a nice juicy romance by Mills and Boon as I get my teeth into the books and cant put them down,Have to keep reading to the end :)


    twitter name:Sapphire2uk

  • ab3110 says:

    Loads of favourites……….I’m a chick lit fan :) ……….I love Lisa Jewell’s books esp Ralph’s Party. But all time fav is prob The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella…………why do these things never happen to me!?

  • ali991 says:

    The Undomestic Goddess Sophie Kinsella, thoughly enjoyed this book.

    Twitter @ali991

  • jenniwren12 says:

    My favourite book of all time is the lion,the witch and the wardrobe

    It captured my imagination as a girl and I can still lose myself in its magical world

    twitter = @jenniwren12

  • sarahkay says:

    My current favourite book (as it keeps changing) is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It is a book about a girl who, in Nazi Germany, can’t read but loves books, so steals them. She’s a feisty heroine and I love a girl who stands up for what she believes in.


  • nonblonde says:

    my favorite boo is the harry potter collection


  • lovemonster says:

    My fave is probably My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews. It’s dark, but constantly moving, thrilling, big stuff at the end.

  • paulineppp says:

    My favourite book is The Secret Shoppers Revenge by Kate Harrison. This book is chick lit at its best. and holds a great deal of meaning for me :)

    @paulinepppp (Twitter)

  • leiajulie says:

    although i dont like her i really enjoyed Katie Prices Angel, Angel uncovered, Sapphire series

    Highly recommended although everyone hates her ;)

  • Nicky63 says:

    Things I Want My Daughters To Know – Elizabeth Noble

    I loved this book, at first I was a little sceptical that it had been done before (Sam’s Letters To Jennifer, PS. I Love You etc) but this was totally unique and brilliant, the daughters were all so different, it’s difficult to explain why I enjoyed it so much without giving away the story to those who haven’t read it yet, so I will just say, read it :)

  • rachh2001 says:

    My favourite book of last year was The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes. Love her books. Sorry to hear she’s suffering so badly with depression and hope she returns to full health asap x

  • nervosa19 says:

    Believe it or not I absolutely loved The Life of Pi. Yann Martel took the Booker Prize with that one and I wasn’t surprised. The ability to write a story about a boy somehow surviving in a life raft along with a Tiger & other animals takes some doing – and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Emily says:

    The best book i’ve read lately is The Messenger of Death by Pierre Magnan, it’s a really quaint mystery, I especially enjoyed it as it’s not the sort of book i’d normally read so it was nice to read something different for a change.

  • brandylab says:

    Hard to pick a favourite. But for an easy, light hearted, laugh out loud read I loved ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’

  • clarkmob says:

    Kathleen Winsor – Forever Amber, what a fiesty lady and wonderful reading and in parts quite risque!

  • ciaraoreilly says:

    Marian Keyes Sushi for Beginners – what a fab book always leaves me happy reading any of Marian Keyes books :)

  • Princessx says:

    I have a lot of favourite books, but one of my favourites is Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman, as it’s such an intense book and talks about the gap between blacks and whites. It really opened up my eyes a bit.

  • stephmcuk says:

    i love the shopaholic series by sophie kinsella :D

  • cambop says:

    I am a huge fan of vampire/paranormal fiction so anything with vampires, werewolves, witches, zombies… I’m there. If we are talking chick lit then The Time Travellers Wife is one of the few books I have read about 3 times :) Loved the idea of it and it had me sobbing like a baby at the end.

  • ringsabell says:

    My fav books are a series of books by Janet Evanovich about a bounty hunter Stephanie Plum she gets herself into crazy situations,some really mad characters in the books and she has two hunks in her life, I laugh out loud at some of the things that happen. It is best to start with the earlier books so you get to know who’s who.

  • catowen says:

    My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult – kept my attention the whole way through, kept changing my opinion and then a final twist at the end, would recomend it to everyone.

  • missielizzie says:

    I love Raphaella Barker’s writing. But my favourite book of all time is the Secret Life Of Bees. Such a beautiful book, I passed it on to all my friends to read.

  • xxxDIAxxx says:

    My current favourite book is (this changes often!) Martina Cole’s Hard Girls – I throughly enjoy Martina’s books and continually reread them. I am also an avid reader of Jackie Collins among others.

  • Lili7 says:

    I love to read Shophie Hannah’s books. You can’t predict the end of her novels, you can’t put the book down without finding what will happen next. At the moment I’m reading ” The Fantastic Book of Everybody’s Secrets”, short stories. I love it.

  • madeindevon says:

    My favourite book is Child of the Phoenix by Barbara Erskine, followed by anything else by Barbara! It is an incredible book that I have read more than once and totally draws me in and makes me want to know more, and more!

  • cassey1 says:

    i love reading chick lit books. My favourite author is Sophie Kinsella.

  • carol810 says:

    The book that is my favorite is always the book I am reading at the moment. I am currently reading The Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwell. I love her books. I have just finished Ant and Decs autobiography as well. This was a laugh a minute book but quite deep in places.

  • baggycat says:

    Rosamunde Pilcher The Shell Seekers
    This is a really lovely book about human relationships and how they can change over the course of a lifetime, and how they can be affected by major historical events.

  • lalamb says:

    Lovely Bones – its a lovely story although at times it is very heartrendring.

  • twannywun says:

    My favourite books are the Dragonriders of Pern series by Ann Mccaffrey

  • kellyroxanne says:

    mine is dan brown’s the da vinci code, His books, especially this one make you want to keep reading to find out whats going to happen! x

  • jujugaboo says:

    I love all the books by Sophie Kinsella, she is amazing and have just read Mr Maybe by Jane Green which was also brilliant.

  • zippy73 says:

    The Magic Faraway Tree – read it so many times when I was younger and still love it now. Just offers something that you really wish was there but isn’t.

  • Aalandjana says:

    I love The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough. The TV series was great, and the book is well worth reading.

  • Amber2008 says:

    The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini, about the price of peace, both personal and political and what we destroy in our hope of achieving that. The film didn’t do the book justice. For lighter reading I love Marian Keyes & Sophie Kinsella.

  • toniq says:

    Helen Forresster – Tuppence across the Mersey

    This book hit me hard the first tme i read it at 15, re read it every few years to remind myself of how lucky i am in life,
    Helen truly is an inspiring Lady, i’ve avidly followed her works through the last 22 years.

  • ravernoloo says:

    I know a lot of people hate her but i really enjoyed Katie Price’s biography Jordan. It gave me a real insight to what she has to deal with and I give her a lot more praise especially for looking after Harvey, her disabled son.

  • daisy65 says:

    My favourite book is liverpool miss by helen forrester, the only book i know that can be thought provoking and engaging, i can read it over and over and still enjoy it. xx

  • cher1981 says:

    Sophie Kinsella – Can you keep a secret? Love her style of writing and it keeps you hooked and she has a wicked sense of humour. Highly recommend!

    Twitter – @spritneybeers

  • piperty says:

    Wow! There are so many! I love Marian Keyes and Elvis and Me by Priscilla Presley. But my real fave is Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell. A nice big fat book to curl up with on a cold day!

  • jillywiz says:

    Really enjoyed the Secret Life Of A Slummy Mummy by Fiona Neill.
    I challenge any mum to read it and not see certain resembalances and empathise,

  • josie301 says:

    I don’t have a favourite book – I love lots of books, I read a lot and usually read crime, thriller stylies followed by a chick lit to lighten the mood!

    The best book I have read recently must be ‘No time for goodbye’ by Linwood Barclay – although I was disappointed by the next one.

  • jmk4646 says:

    any thing by Penny Vincenzi
    At the moment I am half way thro No angel
    this is a great read ,giving you a good insight to Edwardin life as well
    as a great love story

  • feefeegabor says:

    Although I love the classics, my favourite book ever is Jilly Cooper’s Rivals. I love the 80s setting, the hero (Rupert Campbell-Black), the varied storylines and the Englishness of the whole thing. I’ve probably read it about 15 times but still come back to it – it’s like an old friend!

  • kiki_725 says:

    shadow in the wind. It was the first ‘adult’ book (NOT IN THAT WAY!!!) i read and shortly after my dad bought it and i was really proud that I had bought it first!!!

  • K-Lou says:

    I love The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer and The House of Night series by PCand Kristin Cast as i love the fact that the story keeps coming as more books are released. But if we are talking just 1 book and not a set i would have to go for Cecelia Ahern “If you could see me now” as it took me to a fantasy land that i just so wanted to be part of but in realistic childs point of view.

  • TheKiss says:

    To Kill a Mocking Bird, Harper Lee, has to be my favourite book. I read it at school and didn’t really appreciate it, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I thought I would give it another go that I fell in love with it . Its classic, insightful, captivating, controversial and just unputdownable ( theres a new word for you!). I have encouraged all my children to read it and all have enjoyed it,from my 13 year old daughter to my 23 year old son. I have read it several times now,on holidays,when I’m feeling good or when I’m feeling low and I still get a great feeling from reading it. Please give it a go and I hope you get as much pleasure from reading it as I do:O)

  • blackmidnight says:

    Favourite book… the secret history by donna tartt – not even sure I can explain why it’s my favourite but i just love the way it’s written and is one of the only books i’ve read more than once

  • RuthMarianna says:

    I have a lot of books I love but the most recent one I read that I really enjoyed was “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger. A very different twist on a Love Story.

  • jane.kirk says:

    The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel.
    New, fresh & very different. Well written.

  • daisyduck says:

    It depends on my mood but I am into the Patricia Cornwell books at the moment..forensic investigations and murder !!

  • maci234 says:

    paul o grady book fantastic

  • trampus says:

    It would have to be the first book Twilight in the amazing Twilight Series. Stephanie Meyer kicks off the saga with a story that captures you from the first chapter. The characterisation is utterly amazing and irrespective of your age, you are drawn right in wanting to discover what’s in store for the protagonists of this story.

  • nicolac says:

    Loving the whole Twilight series at the moment.

    Currently on book three,

  • cheekylilbint86 says:

    My favourite book is The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.I read it at school for GCSE English and couldn’t put it down.I can’t even describe how amazing it is but it gave my 15 year old mind a LOT to think about and Ms Atwood has become one of my favourite authors.

  • fernygurny says:

    I recently read ‘The Soldier’s Woman’ by Alexandra Connor. I loved because it kept me gripped all the way through.

  • dencross says:

    I like anything by Jodi Piccoult as they really make you think about different aspects of life

  • alliejenkins says:

    i’m halfway through the sookie stackhouse novels at the minute…a vampire series for grown ups…finally!

  • korkythekat says:

    My fave book is ‘The Secret Garden’
    have read it loads of times & still enjoy :)

  • rachelmccraith says:

    My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. It was the first book I read by her and now she;s one of my favourite authors. It gets your brain ticking and you really find yourself connecting with the characters

  • jacbrass says:

    i will read anything and everything but i had Sophie Kinsella’s Twentys Girl for Christmas and that is my favorite book at the moment it is funny and i can just imagine something like it happening to me (just my luck ha) now reading Katie Flyn In Time for Christmas so one extreme to the other had the new Marianne Keyes The Brightest Star which was good too enjoyed it much more than the Charming man. o fingers crossed i win because my xmas supply is down to the last 2 :(

  • fancynancy says:

    i just finished reading hush hush that i got from my sis at xmas really enjoyed it

  • kt1001 says:

    the analyst
    best thriller ever

  • maisietoo says:

    I like Wild Swans by Jung Chang. Unputdownable!

  • thecat says:

    The shopaholic series by Sophie Kensella. Fab!!

  • rainey22 says:

    crystal by katie price aka jordon, she may have alot of bad press going on about her at the moment, but i still think her books are brilliant, when i read this book i got it free with a magazine, and i couldn’t put it down, it’s deff one of the best books i’ve ever read

  • victoria48 says:

    My favourite book is One Shot by Lee Child. I actually received it free and had never heard of the author before. It got me hooked and I am now eagerly awaiting each one of his new books to be published.

  • columbine75 says:

    I can’t decide, ow my head, fave children’s series was the Chrestomanci series by diana wynne jones, my fave grown up book, ummmm, i love a good romance, but I still read some Diana Wynne Jones if I feel like i need some magic!

  • hughese says:

    The Time Traveller’s wife – a really original book.

  • webkin says:

    So many to choose from. I love The Queen and I by Sue Townsend. I love books by Chris Manby, Jill Mansell, Sophie Kinsella etc. Favourite book as a child that I would still read now is The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton :)

  • Isis1981uk says:

    My favourite book is Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake – so bizarre & twisted, a world apart.

  • jobster says:

    Despite being 36, Enid Blytons ” The Magic Faraway Tree” has been and always will be my favourite book!!!! It`s just a brilliant fantasy land with great characters!! Now I`m a little bit more mature, I love love love The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy.

  • kimnhol says:

    Anything by James Patterson but possibly Kiss the Girls

  • Stinkybinky says:

    My favourite book has to be ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King. Its the only book I’ve read more than once!

  • clairew137 says:

    My favourite books are the ones by Dorothy Koosom – Goodnight Beautiful, chocolate girls..

    If you’ve never read one go buy one. Excellent.

  • star100 says:

    Mine is “Shopaholic and baby” by Sophie Kinesella which I read 2 years ago. I was pregnant when I started reading it and it was both so relevant and funny, I couldn’t put it down!

  • mata777 says:

    The Gift from Cecelia Ahern- the story is magical and gives me hope that miracles still happen…

  • lorilizy says:

    The Stephanie Meyer Twilight Saga has changed me from slow, casual reader, to devourer of novels. I can’t get enough. Thanks Stephanie – Twilight will always be my favorite read.

  • sweir1 says:

    club dead – classic

  • Daphne01 says:

    I like horror novels!
    Moon and The Ghosts of Sleath by James Herbert are particular favourites

  • dragonfly63 says:

    The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. Gripping, supernatural, suspense and a damn good story.

  • Ladyluck13 says:

    Just one? lol. Im torn between The Stand by Stephen King and Good Omens by Pratchett/Gaiman. Both highly enjoyable and original books.

  • emsiecov says:

    All of Sophie Kinsella’s books have been wonderful – funny, romantic and true. But my favourite has to be Can You Keep a Secret?

  • hellcat says:

    My favourite books are the Oddlode Series by Fiona Walker. I love the characters and enjoy the humour.

  • Vanessa36 says:

    My favourite book is the Sabriel series by Gareth Nix. It’s great to have a fantasy novel where the lead character is not only female, but strong and gutsy as well.

  • kibri says:

    i love ths trilogy of books by nora roberts the key of knowledge, light and valor it was a mixture of love stories and thriller

  • sashet says:

    I love all Jean Plaidy historical fiction books.

  • jacquelinec says:

    My favourite books as a childwere ballet shoes and the secret seven and famous five, all about children around the age I was at the time.

  • debgan says:

    I loved the His Dark Materials trilogy of fantasy novels by Philip Pullman. They are well worth a read. Don’t be put off by the rubbish film – not even Daniel Craig could save it!

  • lewpylew says:

    I love the Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic series of books – so much so I read a whole book in a few hours. You can really empathise with Becky Bloomwood and they are just so well written : )

  • brightonbelle says:

    I’m reading The Devil wears Prada at the moment which is pretty good. My top author though is Peter James. He writes terrific crime thrillers.

  • piiinkfiiish says:

    My favourite book is The shop on blossom street by debbie macomber. It follows the lives for the women in a knitting class, which to some people might sound boring, but it is brilliant. Really makes me smile reading it :)

  • dollybabe1983 says:

    Harry potter- all of them had me captured!

  • Barnabysue says:

    I really enjoyed ‘The Difference A Day Makes’ by Carole Matthews. I’m a huge dog lover and I’m sure that she must be too, she wrote with such humour about the antics of Hamish the ‘mad dog’ that the book made me laugh out loud, not great when your Husband is asleep next to you :(

  • natz101 says:

    I love Old Man’s Army by Jon Scalzi – not very girly but a great story!!





  • brideoflichtenstein says:

    The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffeneger. I fell in love with the male lead in this book, Henry De Tamble, he was just my ideal man! The book had me so absorbed that I finished it in a night and literally couldn’t stop reading until I found out the ending! In my opinion the book is far superior to the film adaptation.

  • DLSmall says:

    I read a lot of Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain these days – just finished reading the bay at midnight by the latter which was really good. However, my all time favourite light chick lit is Rosie Meadows regrets by Catherine Alliott – it had romance, comedy and even a suspicious death thrown in. At times, it had me laughing out loud.

  • GeorgeBee says:

    I love all of Sophie Kinsella’s books but my favourite was definately The Undomestic Goddess.

    The story line wasn’t particulary believable – a little far fetched – but the characters were ‘real’ and it wasn’t hard to liken them to people you know. For example I have a friend whose cooking skills probably matched those of Samantha’s.

    I found it really hard to put this book down, and read it at every chance I got.

    It hard me laughing out loud while reading it and even laughing when not reading it, just thinking about what I read!

    Fab book and I highly recommend it to anyone!

  • linasi says:

    I think Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic books- so very funny and a lovely distraction from Real Life :)

  • Nocona says:

    Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban! They all had me hooked and I read them in only a couple of days!!

  • honeybunny64 says:

    My favourite author is Georgette Heyer, and probably my favourite book is Cottilion. Its fabulous girlie romance set in the regency period where the women spent their time going shopping and attending parties, and the men took the time to court their women with gifts and flowers!

  • vicious_vic says:

    Love anything by Rachel Gibson and Julia Quinn. Snaps too to my girl, Julie Cohen – check out Girl From Mars.

  • Gilla01 says:

    My favourite book is generally the last one I’ve read!

    At the moment I’m reading FireStudy by Maria V Snyder which is good. I’ve really enjoyed the Twilight series and all the Harry Potters, and I love Labryinth by Kate Moss but didn’t find that Sepulchre was as good.

  • jessegeller says:

    Wuthering Heights – I really loved the charactors, couldn’t put it down once I picked it up!

  • halkerstone says:

    To kill a mocking bird, can’t rate it too highly a must read.

  • leiajulie says:

    my favourite are the confessions series. Absolutely engrossing and hate putting them down

  • suzanne says:

    Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon. Wonderful characters, a brilliant story and the hero, Jamie, is to die for!

  • whitestar says:

    To me the Queen of the racy chick lit books, has to be Jackie Collins. I was enthralled by the ‘Lucky Santangelo’ character and loved following her story from Chances through to Lucky’s Revenge. A true epic saga that really captured my imagination, and that taught me many years ago that I could read books for pleasure and not just for school homework.

  • cheerfulness says:

    The Undomesticated Goddess by Sophie Kinsella as this book of all her wonderful books had me in stitches from start to finish – particularly the episode in the spa when her blackberry concealed in her paper knickers starts to vibrate!

  • kmcc666 says:

    Any one of the Horrid Henry books as once I open the front cover I can not put the book down until I have finished it

  • lisaell says:

    I’m currently reading the Twilight saga – Breaking dawn and so far it’s the best one of the series, but i do also like Katie Fford as her books are simle to read.

  • lisaell says:

    JULIELOUISE – I too have read “A child called it” and couldn’t believe that a mother could be so cruel, a very moving story.

  • purplevamp says:

    My favourite book of all time is Alice in Wonderland. It was one of the first books I read all by myself as a little girl and it made me wish I was Alice and could have cookies that changed my height!

  • natalieanne82 says:

    My favourite books was the Flowers in the attic series by Virginia Andrews very sad but captivating stories.

  • Victoriaplum953 says:

    My favourite book of all time is The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio by Terry Ryan. It is a true story about a woman with an alcholic husband and ten children to raise, who supported her family by her skill at winning many competitions in the 1950s run by American companies. Once I started reading it I could not put it down…

    VictoriaPlum953 on Twitter

  • kate603 says:

    My favorite book is A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson … it’s my secret geeky read! It keeps my brain fresh with some witty dry humour thrown in for good measure …

  • mandybaggot says:

    Obviously I have to champion my own book Excess All Areas but I also love Jane Costello and Sophie Kinsella. At the moment reading Daughters of Fortune by Tara Hyland.

  • jgcj says:

    I’m afraid I can’t narrow it down to just one book as I read so much. I love Carole Matthews as an author, also Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell but on the other end of the spectrum Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

  • straysuzi says:

    The Paradise Room by Belinda Jones

    While reading this wonderfully imaginative find I could feel the warmth on my face from the rich red Tahitian sun and when the lead character visits the nightclub which the book is named after I felt the holiday atmosphere jump out at me.
    I would so love to experience the bluest lagoons as described with full white moon shining down for midnight walks.
    This book was paradise by name and I’m sure Tahiti would be paradise to visit.
    I really enjoy this book and Love all Belinda Jones books.

  • spacebabe103 says:

    Sophie Kinsella’a Confessions of a Shopaholic, great for a sunday afternoon, relaxing and funny.

  • cathshaw says:

    Its got to be Bridget Jones’ Diary, funny, romantic and always puts a smile on my face

  • dizilizi says:

    My favourite book is The Lovely Bones. A very moving book that had me in tears when reading it. Your emotions are up and down and the ending was just what I was hoping it would be

  • poodle1977 says:

    My favourite book has always been Jane Eyre because I love the epicness of it.

  • kathcake says:

    My favourite book would be the flowers in the attic series. They are written really well and there seems to be a lot of mystery and insight into the writer through the stories. For example I read somewhere that what she wrote was influenced by her own life stories. They are really sad, deep and dark but very intriguing indeed!

  • kimmy393 says:

    Emma Kennedy’s – Wilma TenderfootAnd The Case of The Frozen Hearts. Its such a great book, I love how she is such a determined little girl. Its just a fun mysterious girly read.

  • twirlywhirly says:

    My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult.
    I loved this book because it was very emotional. The chapters switch from being narrated by different characters in the story so you see all points of view. You go from agreeing with the character of Anna, that she should not be forced to go through so much pain and medical danger when her sister doesnt really want to keep going on anymore, to changing your mind when the mothers chapter comes around, thinking you would do anything to save your childs life.

  • planelazy says:

    the memory keepers daughter. i loved the whole storyline of a girl with downs syndrome , her father gives her up telling the mother she died during childbirth. each chapter tells so about the point of view of either the father mother or addopted mum at different ties in the girls life. i cried at many a time.

  • vicks276 says:

    My favourite book is The Diary Of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend. It had me in stitches from beginning to end. Sue Townsend is a fabulous writer and all the other books in the Adrian Mole series are equally as good as the first.

  • sheridarby says:

    My favourite book ever is Catch 22 – Possibly because of the total insanity of it

  • Winjackie says:

    My childhood favourite was Wind in the Willows but now I love all types from Martina Cole, Sandra Brown, Marian Keyes etc.

  • sweetiepie82 says:

    I can’t pick one!! I am searching through all the books I have read and there are too many to choose just one. I loved My Best Friend’s Girl and I love anything by Marian Keyes, but I also love Tess Gerritsen and Harlon Coben, too hard to pick :) xx

  • butterfly2001 says:

    my fav is a period classic- Emma the old romantic stories are great to get lost in.

  • Midastouch says:

    Not a penny more, not a penny less. Fab book. Hilarious. Everyone should read it!

  • tallblondie28 says:

    I have lots of favourite books, but i have noticed that you have a book by Paige Toon in your giveaway. I have read her Lucy in the sky novel, which was very funny. Perfect for a chill out session in the bath, i couldn’t put it down!

  • IKKLE87 says:

    My fave book is Twilight, its what began my obsession with vampires and lead to me reading some fantastic stories as well as memorising the twilight saga off by heart x

  • coppelia100 says:

    I have lots of favourite books – from classic literature my most favourite has to be Wuthering Heights – this is simply one of the best books ever written and no matter how many times I read it, I love it even more! Another favourite is The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, such an absolutely wonderful book – everytime I read the last paragraph of the book I just fall into floods of tears! Another favourite, is Random Acts of Heroic Love – simply fabulous story of enduring love and the lengths someone will go to for that love – made all the more fantastic when you find out at the end that the book is loosely based on the author’s grandfather’s life story.
    But I do love chick lit too – nothing like chilling on a cold wintery evening, snuggled on the sofa with a hot chocolate, box of choccies and a brilliant chick lit book! My favourite are the anything by Marian Keyes, especially The Brightest Star in the Sky and I loved Cecilia Aherne P.S. I love you

  • sam888 says:

    Noahs ark.Because he saved the animals

  • blondali says:

    My favourite book is The Lovely Bones and I am so excited as they have now made it into a film. I love the idea of being able to watch life from heaven and the whole concept of the book is so clever and really moving, a real page turner.

  • Emily says:

    I’ve lots of favourites, but really enjoyed Sarah Waters – Fingersmith, very atmospheric, great setting and great twists to the tale.

  • cake17uk says:

    “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger very different style of read, wanted to read it quickly but not wantng it to end either

  • kelliec says:

    I can’t pick just one, my favourites at the moment are –

    The Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella
    The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards
    The Big Over Easy & The Eyre Affair both by Jasper Fforde

  • lfcvicki says:

    Can you think of anything more relaxing and indulgent than sitting down and reading a good girly book for half an hour with a cuppa and a choccy biccy hmmmm me neither!!

  • spacegrantham says:

    Favourite book ever The Secret Garden and luckily for me the movie lived up to the book exactly. I’ll read anything chicklit !!

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