Win a High School Musical 3 limited edition Sony Ericsson Phone! is gearing up to the release of the highly anticipated High School Musical 3: Senior Year, with plenty of activities on their site, including video Q&As with the stars on the red carpet, an image gallery where you can rate your favourite images from the film, plenty of HSM 3 content and a global exclusive release of the hot new soundtrack – where guests to the site can listen to the soundtrack three days before it’s general release.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year – out in cinemas 22 October.

To celebrate the highly anticipated release of Disney’s High School Musical 3: Senior Year, we have a limited edition Sony Ericsson W350i Walkman phone to give away. The phone box set is pre-loaded with exclusive mobile content including High School Musical 3 wallpaper, realtone, an exclusive phone sock and charity band. To win this fantastic prize, all you need to do is answer the following question…

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Girlie Gossip have one of these fab limited edition Sony Ericsson Phones to give away to a lucky member! All you have to do, to be in with a chance of winning is leave us a comment below and tell us your favourite High School Musical Song or Moment from any of the HSM films!

A winner will be chosen at random from all the comments and contacted via email. Competition ends November 11th Good Luck!!

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  • sparki123 says:

    I love High School Musical – it has such a feel good factor!

  • mhurdman says:

    Fabulous for me too!

  • rea_milton says:

    I’ll sound like a clone, but cliches are cliches for a reason, right?! Breaking free!!

  • poodles says:

    Swing batter batter Swing batter batter Swing batter batter Swing
    Swing batter batter Swing batter batter Swing batter batter SWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FUDGE007 says:


  • jan1972 says:

    Any scene with Zac Efron, If only I was 20 years younger!!!

  • Consultantwan says:

    My favourite song (and moment!) is from the first HSM movie when Gabrielle throws food all over Sharpay by accident.. then they sing Stick to the Status Quo! Just love the scene in the cafeteria which I can so relate to from my school days!

  • annabelle84 says:

    The breaking free part makes my do my HSM victory dance – oh the shame!!!

  • silverbird says:

    Definitely Breaking Free!

  • Nocona says:

    I love the fact that it brings kids together and gives them confidence. My nephews are really shy but they sing along to these films and give us shows singing all the songs. There drama teacher struggles to get them to do anything!!!!

  • barb10 says:

    My granddaught loves We’re All In This Together
    We went to watch HSM3 didnt think I would like it but it was great now got the other two DVDs to watch

  • bargainhuntergal says:

    My favourite song is Breaking Free, although it’s a tough choice as they’re all really good and stay in my head for days after hearing them!

  • pnewham says:

    I haven’t seen it yet, think I will now

  • saranna says:

    Breaking Free is my absolute favourite, but to be honest I love all the songs!

  • Zoomclub says:

    No surprises – Fav’ song has to be Breaking Free!

  • linasi says:

    Much as I was trying to ignore the dvd of HSM1 playing for my kids, being ‘grown up’ and all that… as soon as Get Your Head in the Game started I was hooked and have been ever since lol…..

  • feefeegabor says:

    I loved HSM3 – particularly the bit “Can I have this dance” when Troy and Gabriella are walzing around – beautiful!

  • lisaell says:

    My daughter would love this as she watch the 1st and 2nd HSM dvds all the time, she also wentto see the 3rd the day it came out.! (True love)

  • totallyaj says:

    My favourite scene is from HSM3 when Troy is in the basketball court singing and dancing with the basketballs going everywhere!

  • faycee says:

    My favourite is ‘You are the music in me’ by Troy and Gabriella in HSM2. The reason is it reminds me of my very first holiday abroad without my parents this summer, this was the only dvd that we had in the apartment!! We watched it 6 times in a week and we sang all the songs til we were hoarse and this one in particular will remind me of the fun i had with my friends.

  • jucook says:

    Mine is Scream! and the one they sing at Graduation!!!!

  • kelbly says:

    Breaking Free

  • moogiegirl says:

    I love the song Fabulous, it so catchy and i always find myself singing to it

  • mummy23 says:

    HSM1 has to be the best….and the moment Troy and Gabriella first met, on New Years eve, when they were dragged up on the karaoke to sing *Start of Something New*…………………….Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • twirlywhirly says:

    If I get lucky ….very lucky then I will be the best auntie to my 7 year old neice Ruby-Leigh who adores HSM this,that & everything especially Zac & her favorite song is Fabulous.
    Good luck all …….my fingers are crossed so tightly for myself also that I am having trouble typing on Girliegossip!

  • emmajane29 says:

    My daughter and i love Breaking Free, we sing it on the karoke together and she thinks Zac Effron is sooooooooo cute.

  • phickman says:

    Fabulous – my little girls sings it all the time!

  • emmamachen says:

    My girls love ‘boys are back’… we were lucky enough to be at the premiere of HSM3 in London and all the way home they were singing it!!!!

  • Frink says:

    it’s got to be Breaking Free

  • justine11 says:

    It just has to be fabulous! I drive myself nuts singing it!

  • XLORRAINEX says:

    i love breaking free,cant wait for the next one

  • kaylee says:

    i really love breaking free, me and my sister dance to it all the time.

    Troy and Gabriella are my favourite and watching HSM always makes me smile

  • greyskittles says:

    My sisters love all the songs… especially ‘Stick to the Staus Quo’! I was never a fan until I saw HSM on Ice and now I’m converted ;)

  • angeleyes01 says:

    My niece loves anything to do with HSM.
    Her favourite song at the moment is Now or Never.
    She loves having friends over and singing and dancing along with the music.

  • susiedarlo says:

    My favourite song from High School Musical is I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” but Start of Something New is a close second.

  • Elliesk8er says:

    favourite song is Breaking Free, absolutely love it!

  • dacurrie says:

    I would love to go and see HSM but got dragged to see Ghost Town instead, which was so “funny” we walked out 1/2 way through!

  • aprilshower says:

    Well what can I say my house if High School Musical mad at the moment and has been since last summer.

    I think the fav song / moment would have to be Breaking Free as it is played and played to death in our house.

    Great Films keep them coming

  • ribbles says:

    My daughter absolutely loves HSM! She knows all the songs off by heart! Her favourite is breaking free. She must have watched HSM 1&2 about 30 times and she only recently got the dvd set!

  • bongle says:

    Both me and my daughter love the part in HSM 3 where they are swinging on the hammock in Gabrielles garden, it’s so romantic and even at my age makes me have butterflies!
    My daughter also loved the bit where Troy brings a pizza up to Gabrielles room to share and asks her if she wants the last slice and she says “No thank you” and he says “For all you know this might be the best slice of pizza you have ever eaten in the world, but you will never know” we use that a lot at the dinner table!

    All three are great films for all ages!

  • nervosa19 says:

    What a great prize – for my grand-daughters anyway! They really love HSM, so do all their friends. They just cannot get enough of anything & everything to do with it.
    I don’t know how many times I’ve sat through the first two films with them, but I honestly couldn’t tell you much about them;-)

  • Consultantwan says:

    My daughters have demanded that I add that they introduced me to HSM and that their favourite songs are:

    (Mollie 10) You are the Music in me – because how you feel about someone can make you want to sing and the song reminds me how my friend Harvey makes me feel

    (I must speak to her about this later.. 10 years old and a boy makes her want to sing!! *gulp*)

    (Lilli 5) Fabulous because Sharpay is pretty and I want to be her when I grow up

    Oh my!! I’m doing something wrong, my baby aspires to be a spoiled brat when she grows up!!

    Just wanted to add that this post has inspired some fierce debate in our house about the best HSM songs/moments and even which is the best movie.. even hubby had an opinion but swore he would divorce me if i posted it!!

  • amebee says:

    Myself and my daughters love when Gabriella is telling Sharpay that she helped with the ‘brr brr brr MAH’

  • coz says:

    Any scene with Zac Efron in it! Could watch him all day…

  • m2clark says:

    Definetely Breaking free for me although my HSM addicted daughter would go for the start of something new (she thinks so High of Zac Effron)

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