Win a SIGNED Copy of Will Young’s New Album Let it Go!

Let It Go sees Will, who has been voted the UK’s favourite artist of all time for two consecutive years, breaking out of his comfort zone. With three multi-Platinum albums, a Hollywood movie and a burgeoning theatre career to his name, Will has decided to take a back-to-basics approach on Let It Go by focusing on strong melodies and personal lyrics.

Will who recently released the single ‘Grace’, is currently on tour in the UK with a second single to be released in the New Year.

We are offering 2 lucky Girlie Gossip members the chance to win a SIGNED copy of the album! Better still, it will also be personally address to you!

To enter, all you have to do is leave us a comment in the box below and tell us your fave Will Young song!

2 Winners will then be chosen at random from all comments! Good luck, competition closes DEC 15th 2008.


  • Flowersy says:

    This is such a great site and to win this would be a real delight !!!!

    LEAVE RIGHT NOW – but Will don’t go without me …. pleeeaasssee.xx

    Absolutely Awesome song

  • ab3110 says:

    OMG! Will Young!!! I love him, love him, love him!! Borderline unhealthy lol :o What a voice, mmmmmmm.

    My fav song by Will is “Sweetest Feeling” . It was really hard to get a hold of a copy of his version but I remembered him singing it in the Pop Idol final and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, it still does!! I have loads of favs but that it my very, very fav.

    Brilliant comp, excellent site, thank you!

  • kymbob1 says:

    anything is possible :D is a great song from him and my fave

  • nolucknik says:

    Leave Right Now

  • Tulip2uk says:

    I love Wills new song called Grace as its beautifuly sung by the man himself and I so love the accompying video as well with the beautiful horse and the way that Will rides and sings is so amazing,I always have it on constant repeat.

  • tupibcn says:

    i love “leave right now” :)

  • Fran says:

    Am I allowed two favorites? From Pop Idol days my favorite is Evergreen but of his more recent stuff I’m loving Won’t Look Down on his Let it Go album.

    Will has such a wonderful voice that anything he sings can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!

    Fran x x

  • missy says:

    Leave Right Now is my favourite Will song :)

  • superkaty says:

    I know it’s a wee bit cliche, but it does have to be Leave Right Now for me too! It’s such a lovely song and I love the video too, remember knowing it was a classic from the first time I heard it! :)

  • Kingholm1 says:

    GRACE – AWESOME! I saw Will perform this last night at Oxford in tight blue trousers (which left nothing to the imagination) and I fell in love with him all over again!

  • willisKING says:

    I Love Will Young!!!

    Ohh..This is a hard one….If I had to choose one Will Young song as my favourite i`d have to say Leave Right Now as it gave Will his rightful place in the music industry and showed the public what he can really do!!! Its also means a lot to me ;)

  • jillywiz says:

    I love almost verything he has done. Such a rare talent.
    However my favourite has to be “Lover Wont You Stay”


  • caz303 says:

    My favourite ‘oldie’ has to be YOU AND I. The lyric ‘you turned my life around’ means so much to me. I was at an all-time low and I feel that Will actually did turn my life around as I got involved with a fansite and started touring to see Will in action.

  • VelvetGlove says:

    “Leave Right Now” is mu favourite song but I love them all! :)

  • catowen says:

    All of them!!!! Must say, i still love his first one – Evergreen.

  • bojangles says:

    Love all his songs, but my favourite is probably ‘Who Am I’ ….and the video is great too!


  • sapphire says:

    I saw Will last night at Oxford and although everything he sings live is brilliant, You and i makes me shiver!!!

  • mick414 says:

    Leave Right Now is my choice

  • lenny says:

    Very Kind has always been my favourite Will song, although Changes is a very close second.

  • Skip says:

    I love Your Game, it shows off Will’s vocals beautifully and the video for it is fab (Will dancing is just to die for! ) Also, the song won a Brit award, which I’m sure Will is very proud of.

    Love you Will xxxxx

  • Nicky63 says:

    Very Kind is my favourite too, it reminds me when I was dragged to one of Will’s gigs with my best mate, and came away totally converted, he was fantastic!!

  • helenlt says:

    Leave Right Now

  • inspiron421 says:

    leave right now

  • janetotalwillfan says:

    Fine Line has to be one of my favourites, reduces me to tears every time, I was in a bad place at the time having not long lost my husband, the words ‘your living on borrowed time, times when we could fly to the moon’ very poignant words for me

  • mkwotsit says:

    I quite like ‘All Time Love’

  • dizzy_mermaid says:

    Leave Right Now :-)

  • Cricketfan says:

    Got to be ‘Evergreen’ and ‘Your Game’. They are both great songs. ‘Evergreen’ always reminds me of my school days when he won ‘Pop Idol’ and I love ‘Your Game’ as it’s so uplifting.

  • pennwood says:

    Evergreen is my favourite of many – Will Young will be evergreen,and never be forgotten!
    Artists come & go , but he is sooooooooooooooooooooo talented & versatile.

  • shjo558 says:


  • m2clark says:

    My favourite is leave right now

  • rachh says:

    Will is wonderful. Love his voice particularly when he’s singing live. “All Time Love” gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

  • Fridays Child says:

    It’s got to be Very Kind from the Friday’s Child Album or Tell Me The Worst from Let It Go. Will is totally unique performer, his latest tour is a must see, the best ever!!!

  • ycjarman says:

    ‘Light My Fire’ Will sang it for his dad and it was a great version of a great song

  • RUDEBOX says:

    Leave right now. Brilliant! Loverly fella, lovely voice and as fit as a butchers dog, to boot.

  • Tripp says:

    My favourite is

    This Is Who I Am – totally wasted as an itunes download only, should have been on the album. Wills voice is fantastic, I never tire of listening to him, and so good live too..

  • mightywillyoung says:

    How can I pick a favourite song
    When Will sings each so well.
    To ask to choose is very wrong,
    So this I cannot tell.

    Will’s talent grows more every day
    He’s easy on the eye.
    Infact I’d go as far as to say –
    I’ll love him ’till I die!

  • Willfan says:

    Ticket to Love for me – so wasted as a ‘B’ side and a total crowd pleaser whenever he brings it out live, which isn’t often enough IMHO

  • Susie says:

    Most Will Young songs are heaven to my ears.

    “You Don’t Know” played live and acoustically on tour has to be one of the emotional, spinetingling things I have ever heard.

  • LESWILLRON says:

    Hard to choose a favourite song of Wills as I love them all but one song I would love to see him perform live is If that’s what you want the b side on You and I. So I will say that is my favourite song. LESLEYXXX

  • Molly says:

    “You and I”

    That was hard to choose just one as he has such a incredible live voice and the songs on his new Album are fantastic. “You Don’t Know” is a particularly beautiful song.

  • sc75 says:

    ‘Who Am I’ is my favourite

  • cowgirl says:

    Will live is the best. If you ever get the chance to see him go. I have all his albums and know all his songs but hearing them live is the greatest. He never sings a song the same it always has a different touch here or there and that is what makes him unique. His new song on the B-SIDE to GRACE is WICKED. I have never met him but would love the oppurtunity too. Good luck everone on this chance of a fantastic CD !

  • Sunny Jim says:

    Such a difficult choice as there are sooooo many fab songs to choose from …..absolutely loving Grace ATM but my all time fave has to be You and I – you have to hear this song live to really appreciate what a very special talent Will has.

  • KIMMV says:

    Leave Right Now or Evergreen

  • Kathryn says:

    You and I
    Oh this is too hard. I love lots of Will’s songs, but I’ll choose You and I because he always sings it with such passion and it holds special memories for me.
    Let It Go – Will’s new album is amazing, absolutely love it. Thank you Will.

  • Breakaway2489 says:

    My favourite song is ‘Love’!
    I cant stop listening to it! It makes me wanna dance and sing along to it all the time!
    ‘Light My Fire’ has to be my all time fave :)

    Cheryl xx

  • mrs_william_young says:

    My favourite song is probably Disconnected.

    Seeing him live tonight…..soooooo excited :)

  • willsvegasfan says:

    My favorite Will Young song is Evergreen because it was the song that made me fall in love with his voice. If I had to pick a favorite from Let It Go it would definitely be Disconnected. :-) I love his voice and love all his songs!

  • ant1971 says:

    How can i just pick ONE song?! Thats so mean :-) But….if i HAD to choose…’s ‘Who Am I’. Sheer perfection.

    Btw, to all those that have logged in and are reading this….you have GREAT taste in music! :-D

  • aesop30 says:

    My fav is Leave Right Now

  • Gilla01 says:

    Leave Right Now

    All his songs are good, but that one’s my favorite.

    Thanks for the comp.

  • van100 says:

    I think at the moment, it’s got to be Grace

  • saranna says:

    Evergreen is still my favourite.

  • dencross says:

    Leave right now – just has to be the best

  • jacquelinec says:

    Absolutely loved sweetest feeling on pop idol.

  • mata777 says:

    Leave by now (I see I am not the only one to love this song ;-) )

  • dobbie says:

    Went to see him perform at Bristol Colson Hall on Monday night – as usual he was absolutely fantastic.
    My favourite singer of all time is Will Young and my favourite song is “Leave Right Now”

  • oneday12 says:

    evergreen is his best

  • serves1 says:

    Has to be ” Cruel To Be Kind ” for me

  • Consultantwan says:

    My favourite is “Changes”

  • fionamc says:

    leave right now, amazing song :)

  • jan1972 says:

    Leave right now.

  • TiGaS says:

    “Who Am I”

    I’m from Portugal, and Will is very special for me…

  • Lsar says:

    You and I

    Absolutely amazing live, all you can do is stand and listen. Amazing.

  • becki4 says:

    Let it go, is one of the best albums yet!!! simple philosophy is one of my faves, !! saw will on 1st dec and thought he was amazing!!!!

    cant wait for another tour

    pure perfection :-)

  • willfan130 says:

    i love stronger and i love love off his new album

  • poppy says:

    Stronger is my all time favourite Will song. His voice does major things to me, although I can’t go into more detail on a public forum! The new album is great… favs are Tell me the Worst and You Don’t Know. Best male artist around by a mile.

  • madsham says:

    I love you more than you’ll ever know, i was mesmerised when i first heard him sing this

  • angeleyes101 says:

    Friday’s Child is my fave Will Young song. I was lucky enough to see him in concert in Liverpool and had the best night ever.

  • Hels says:

    My favourite Will song of all time is You and I. I’ll never forget the first time I heard it, live at Wembley, the atmosphere was electric, the audience was stunned into silence with the pure emotion of the performance, and when Will held that loooooong note, thousands of Will fans went CRAZY !!!

    My heart still skips a few beats now at the memory of that first hearing…….

  • helenlp says:

    Switch It On – its so upbeat and the video just cracks me up!

  • whitenance says:

    Really like the new one ‘Grace’ xx

  • dagsy says:

    “leave right now” is my favorite

  • haddocka says:

    hiya, just love right here waiting,

  • polly321 says:

    Love the new track GRACE

  • missevans says:

    Leave Right Now – without question! XD

  • haddockv says:

    Leave Right Now, my favourite of all his songs

  • alexlukeshelby1 says:

    Leave right now

  • dacurrie says:

    Thank Goodness for Pop Idol!

    Favorite has to be ‘Leave right now’

  • FUDGE007 says:


  • H.Andrews says:

    Leave right Now

  • pnewham says:


  • lazarus007 says:

    Leave Right Now, best song ever

  • dottydotty says:

    My favourite is Changes, although I don’t think he has ever done a bad one!!! He is like a fine wine, just improves with age!!!!!

  • feefeegabor says:

    It’s gotta be Leave Right Now. Love you, Will!

  • ClarkeEJ says:

    Leave Right Now

  • cathyj says:

    leave right now

  • cheekychicken24 says:

    Gosh, this is so hard to just pick one – it has to be Your Game for me though, I love the album (Friday’s Child) and this is my fave track from that album :)

  • pinkjen says:

    Switch It On is my favourite of all of them, but they’re all great!

  • simoneverton says:

    Leave Right Now, fantastic song

  • bigaitchc says:


  • magsn says:

    Who I Am is such a beautiful song its def my fave

  • T--J says:

    All Time Love

  • nervosa19 says:

    Evergreen definitely

  • jessegeller says:

    I love all of his songs – he is wonderful live in concert too. At the moment I love to listen to Won’t Look Down – beautiful lyrics and sung so well.

  • fernygurny says:

    Grace…….oh my god, I SO looooove this song. Can’t hear enough of it.

  • totallyaj says:

    For me it has to be his new single Grace, especially as that’s the name of my youngest niece

  • bargainhuntergal says:

    Leave Right Now

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