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JASON MANFORD  LIVE AT THE MANCHESTER APOLLO DVD Released by Universal Pictures Ltd on Monday 15th November 2010

The hugely popular, award winning Mancunian comedian and new ‘The One Show’ host, Jason Manford presents his debut live stand up DVD on Monday 15th November.

Renowned for his cheeky observational humour, story-telling and loveable, friendly delivery, this show brings together Jason’s most hilarious anecdotes including the rules of driving, urinal etiquette, the power of call centre regional accents and the lies Dads tell.

As well as the critically acclaimed show, the DVD also features an exclusive extras package including being interviewed by his brother, behind-the-scenes and a visit to his beloved Manchester City.

Jason’s profile continues to rocket and alongside being the face of ‘The One Show’ he’s also a team captain on ITV’s new show ‘Odd One In’.  His previous TV work includes ‘8 out of 10 Cats’, ‘As Seen On TV’, ‘Live At The Apollo’, ‘Walk on The Wild Side’ and many more!

On this, his debut DVD, filmed at the Manchester Apollo during his 2009 sell-out tour, Jason showcases some of the freshest material on the circuit.

Despite his amazing success on TV he still finds time to take his comedy to the road and is currently on tour up and down the UK – with many an award for doing so! For more details please visit


To be in with a chance of winning one of these fab DVD’s simply leave us a comment below telling us your faveourite joke! We’ll pick x3 winners at random and contact you via your signup email on or after Dec 14th 2010. Good luck!


  • sujynx says:

    why does Tigger smell?

    because he plays with Pooh

  • Al1x says:

    Two fish in a tank.

    One turns to the other and says “Do you know how to drive this?”

  • millzy79 says:

    Two peanuts walk into a bar…….
    ……One was a salted!

  • lizd31 says:

    Who says women can’t park cars?! Some lovely person left a note on my windscreen the other day saying ‘Parking Fine’

  • ihateipswich says:

    Two hunters were walking through the woods and following the trail of deer when one of them fell down to the ground. His friend looked at him and saw that he wasn’t breathing and that his eyes rolled back into his head.

    The other hunter pulled out his mobile and called 999. He told the operator, “I think my friend is dead! What can I do?”

    The operator said, “Calm down sir. First you need to make sure that he is dead.” there was silence and then a shot rang through the phone.

    The hunter came back on the phone and said, “Now what?”

  • polly321 says:

    A blonde calls her husband at work one day and asks him, “Can you help me when you get home?”

    “Sure,” he replies. “What’s the problem?”

    “Well, I started a really hard puzzle and I can’t even find the edge pieces.”

    “Look on the box,” he said. “There’s always a picture of what the puzzle is.”

    “It’s a big rooster,” she said.

    The husband arrives home and tells his blonde wife, “Okay, put the corn flakes back in the box.”

  • jenniwren12 says:

    whats blue & fluffy?

    Pink fluff holding its breath :-)

  • googoodoll says:

    A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: “That’s the ugliest baby that I’ve ever seen. Ugh!” The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: “The driver just insulted me!”

    The man says: “You go right up there and tell him off – go ahead, I’ll hold your monkey for you.”

  • swanlady2000 says:

    Did you hear about the two TV aerials that got married?

    The wedding was terrible, but the reception was terrific!!!!

  • mordicaie says:

    Q: What do you ask a man with no arms & no legs?
    A: Have you got the time on you cock?

  • advance1973 says:

    Son: Why do barbers become good drivers?
    Father: Because they know all the short cuts

  • kkth918 says:

    Q: How do you make a snooker table laugh?
    A: Put your hands in his pocket and tickle his balls!!

  • kathcake says:

    Why did the turkey cross the road? It was the chicken’s day off..

  • sweetiepie82 says:

    Did you hear about the red ship that crashed into the blue ship?

    All the sailors were marooned

  • Longtall says:

    A timid little man eased himself into a biker bar in the Bronx. He cleared his throat and asked, “Err, which of you gentlemen owns the Doberman tied outside to the parking meter?” A gargantuan man, wearing biker leathers, his body hair growing out of the seams and covered in tattoos, turned slowly on his stool, looked down at the quivering little man and said, “It’s my dog. Why?”

    “Well,” squeaked the little man, clearly very nervous, “I believe my dog just killed it, sir.” “What?” roared the gargantuan biker in disbelief. “What in the hell kind of dog do you have?” “Sir,” answered the little man, “it’s a little four week old female puppy.” “Bull!” roared the biker, “how could your puppy kill my Doberman?” “It appears that your dog choked on her, sir.”

  • stellakayford says:

    I was walking down the road when someone threw a lump of cheese at my head. I said “that’s not very mature”.

  • es1704 says:

    The same person as above then threw some cheese at me also, and he then threw some milk. I thought “how dairy!”

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