Award winning stand up back with first DVD release in three years

Lee Evans, arguably Britain’s best loved stand up comedian, celebrates his biggest tour to date with an accompanying DVD release, Lee Evans – Big – Live at the O2, on Monday 24th November.

The long awaited DVD, Lee’s first in three years, marks the culmination of a colossal nationwide tour that has seen Lee play an incredible 59 arena dates across 13 cities, playing to 500,000 people. The DVD is recorded in front of a 16,000 capacity crowd at the O2 Arena as part of his 5 sell out nights at the venue. He also played a further 5 sell out nights at Wembley Arena, which brought his audience in London alone to over 130,000 people, a UK record. To celebrate this milestone, Lee also unveiled at plaque at Wembley Arena in the Square of Fame.

This new DVD is the perfect purchase for fans looking to relive Lee’s trademark gags, as well as comedy lovers seeking a serving of yuletide merriment. Lee Evans – Big – Live at the O2 is a second chance for those that missed the tour to capture all of the comic capers. With Lee’s trademark rants more fast and furious than ever before, Britain’s most energetic comic is at his very best.

Over two hours, Lee unleashes his uncanny observations on life’s little annoyances in his own unique and frantically physical way. As well as the DVD, a CD and audible DTO will also be released on 24th November. DVD extras include the making of the underwater scenes on the DVD and backstage footage featuring Lee in rehearsal.

Lee boasts an astonishing popularity, sealed when he picked up a Guinness World Record in 2005 for accumulating the largest ever comedy audience, an award he was presented with in Manchester at the MEN Arena.

Not only a critically acclaimed stand up artist, Lee was Olivier nominated for his performance on the West End in The Producers, and took on starring roles in movies including There’s Something About Mary, MouseHunt and The Martins.

More information on the ‘Lee Evans – Big – UK Tour 2008’ is available at the
website at

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  • Cricketfan says:

    One of my friends saw Lee Evans and she thought he was so funny. Seems like he’s been around for ages and I loved him in MouseHunt.

  • Consultantwan says:

    When I was about 5 my parents took me to see Norman Wisdom. Lee really reminds me of Norman Wisdom.. uncanny similarities!

  • brenty1977 says:

    Was gutted not to get tickets for this, next time!

  • superkaty says:

    My mate met Lee Evans before his gig at Southend and he said that he’s a really nice guy and just as funny in real life! I love his facial expressions, he cracks me up! I’ve got a couple of his DVDs, would love to see him live at some point though.



  • mkwotsit says:

    I agree with Consultantwan about the Norman Wisdom likeness. I like the 02 venue. Just been to see Queen and Paul Rodgers! Fab!
    You can get your dinner there before you go in! YUM!

  • pyramidblaster says:

    Question – What’s the begining of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end and the end of every race?
    Answer – The letter E.

  • saranna says:

    Saw him live a couple of years ago, hilarious bloke.

  • jacquelinec says:

    I love lee evans, very funny fella.

  • pnewham says:

    Absolutely funny bloke, Lee Evans, a great example of intelligent visual physical comedy as opposed to smartarse lewd smutty comments from the likes of Ross and Brand pretending to be comedy.

  • mata777 says:

    We went to see Lee in Malvern Theatres. He made joke about a guy who went to the toilet. After that nobody dared to move!

  • 0o0destiny0o0 says:

    lee evans is funny as he always sweats buckets when he is on stage , it always looks like he has just come off the log flume haha

  • streps says:

    Really feelin’ the love for Lee Evans right now.

  • webkin says:

    I love Lee Evans so funny. Fab site girlies!

    Favourite joke….

    Whats the connection between sprouts and pubic hairs?
    Answer: You brush them aside and carry on eating…

    EWWWWWW :)

  • oneday12 says:


  • Gilla01 says:

    Love to win this for my OH. He thinks Lee Evans is hilarious!

  • xxjess_brownxx says:

    me and my friend can resite the whole of lee evans so would be fab to have a new 1 to learn!
    “you know whats fasinated me, is why they never have a window on an airoplane Bog! Whos going to see you at 35 thousand feet!?
    some blokes on the outside of the plane going, You alright mate?!”

    cracks me up everytime!
    LOL :D

  • missevans says:

    I liked that silent thing he was in years ago, when he plays the garage attendant trying to understand someone’s order, and when he finally lets them in to get it themselves they rob him!

  • lauraajackson says:

    I was meant to go see him in October but never ended up going :( Can’t wait to see this DVD!!

  • magsn says:

    Was meant to see Lee Evans a couple of months ago , but my daughter was poorly so missed it, think he’s hilarious.

  • haddocka says:

    I have all his stand up dvds, very funny fella, reminds me of Norman Wisdom,
    cracks me up every time we watch him

  • haddockv says:

    hiya, Finally got to see Lee at the MEN arena this time, very funny never laughed so much

  • lickulmiss says:

    i didn’t like mousetrap but just lurve Lee, hes the funnyiest person ever. u just can’t watch him without crying with laughter

  • stellaman says:




  • matphil says:

    My son roars with laughter every time he watches Lee Evans.

  • polly321 says:

    Very funny guy!
    Happy Christmas everyone

  • sacol4940 says:

    Tiring to watch but very very funny!!

  • emmajane29 says:

    I went to see Lee evans when he came to my home town and was front row,hes just so funny ,he has me stiches,and i even got to shake his hand and i havent washed it since lol x

  • H.Andrews says:

    That Lee Evans
    He’s come from Heaven,
    sent to make us laugh,
    My eyes fill with tears ,
    as his jokes reach my ears,
    I’ve been a fan for many years!!!

  • annabelle84 says:

    If anybody hasn’t seen Lee Evans- Live in Edinburgh, get a copy. Watch the scene near the end where he serenades the audience playing the paino. Guaranteed to make you wet your knickers!

  • anybunny says:

    I’d love to win this for my husband as when he went to see Lee Evans at the O2 he overindulged in the hospitality and can’t remember a thing about the concert!! Don’t worry I made sure he suffered the following day!! and he is very sorry now!

  • mel556 says:

    My son saw him live and says hes the funniest man i’ll ever see. I’ve never heard of him, so would be nice to see

  • ClarkeEJ says:

    I saw Lee Evans for the first time doing stand up this year. Have always wanted to see him and my hubby was lucky to get some last minute tickets after someone had cancelled. He was probably the best stand up I have ever seen live. He had no support act and was on stage for hours and hours. He works so hard and enjoys every minute of being on stage. You certainly get your money’s worth at a Lee Evans comedy gig. Wonderful.

  • ribbles says:

    Lee evans is a legend. Absolutely loves his geeky ways!!

  • jackietalbot says:

    I’d love to win this, as my son went to the show but arrived late, and says what he saw of the show was brilliant. He had travelled 70 miles as well!!!!

  • misticgirl says:

    I LOVE LEE!!!!!!!!!

    seriously funny guy, has me in stitches! would love to see him live!

  • JC307 says:

    Manic but incredibly funny!!!

  • iridessa says:

    I would love to win this, Lee is a legend!

  • cleocat says:

    Lee is the only commedian that the whole family find hilarious – it would make a great Christmas if we could win this DVD. Lee is such a fun many who studies the details of daily life and retells then with such wit and timing – excellent.

  • bdavies says:

    Love this lil guy!

  • lindasmart says:

    would love to win this as i think he is a really funny guy! would make for lovely xmas viewing……..

  • Slan666 says:

    Just got my wife into watch some Lee Evans stuff, would be great to win this!! =) She did even realise he was in Something about Mary!

  • dominic says:


    A woman has been rushed to hospital with a vacuum cleaner pipe stuck up her nose. She’s still in Intensive care but she’s picking up nicely. boom boom!

  • aspella says:

    This would make an excellent Christmas Eve present for my brother. He’s comedy mad and he particularly enjoys watching Lee Evans.

  • kathcake says:

    Why did the turkey cross the road??…………………..

    it was the chickens day off ! haha

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