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This summer, there’s a movie for everyone in Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Love It promotion. Love scary movies? Love romance movies? Love funny movies? You’re sure to find a film you love at a price you won’t believe. You can become a fan on Facebook at and your love for films might make you famous!

To win one of these sets for yourself simply leave us a comment below telling us what your favourite romantic movie is and why!

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  • Vanessa36 says:

    You can’t beat Love Story for romance.

  • Micah68 says:

    Forest Gump (not usually considered romantic, but the unrequited love scenes always make me cry.

  • hollywolly says:

    girlies – get over to Boots – they have a great sale on

    after all this shopping – come home – feet up – put a dvd on – chill out

    my dd would love this

  • morex says:

    Love Actually – so many different ways you can love people.

  • katherinesara says:

    It has to be either dirty dancing or pretty woman, you just want to be in the film and swept off your feet!

  • catowen says:

    My favourite is Pretty Woman, never get tierd of it!

  • millzy79 says:

    My favourite romantic film is The Wedding Singer because not only is it hilarious and nostalgic but it has a fabulous, weepy ending

  • peaf says:

    Why is it always raining?

  • thetoothfairy says:

    My favourite romantic movie is Groundhog Day because I love the story, I love the fact that it’s snowing…always makes me feel much happier when I watch this film. It’s very simple, but very effective

  • butterfly2001 says:

    i’m a classics sort of person i love jane austens books talk about romantic trials and tribulations

  • beclee says:

    My favourite is dirty dancing because it reminds me of the first time i fell in love x

  • cookinmummy says:

    My favourite romantic film is Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Because its sassy, funny, touching and Audrey Hepburns wardrobe is to die for! x

  • JoJoY says:

    Mamma Mia as I adore the music!

  • sujynx says:

    50 First Dates,
    it’s different to most of the others, hilarious in places and has a happy ending!

  • jujugaboo says:

    I love The Wedding Singer, great actors and great music, there should be more films set in the 80s

  • dumbo says:

    I love the old classics with Cary Grant and my fave is Notorious with Ingrid Bergman. I think the storyline is brilliant and the chemistry between the two leads feels so real. Its not a conventional Romantic film but I think all the great love stories never run smoothly and I think this one is great!

  • freefan says:

    The Most romantic movie so far has to be ‘Ghost’ I cry everytime I watch it, the thought of ever lasting love is just beautiful.

  • jenniwren12 says:

    My favourite romantic film is breakfast at tiffanys. A quirky, funny & sad love story with the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. I have loved it for years and can watch it again and again

  • sweir1 says:

    Cinema paradiso. I urge anyone not to well up at the end.

  • brocher says:

    Pretty Woman – can’t get enough of Richard Gere!

  • feefeegabor says:

    Moonstruck – I love this film. I love the way both leads emerge and gain self confidence as the film progresses and the ending is fantastic – romantic yet funny.

  • lorilizy says:

    I’m not into romantic films – would ‘Scream’ count? I think there’s a romantic link between Sidney and her protaganist

  • mpad6869 says:

    When Harry met Sally

  • toniq says:

    Another vote for Love actually!!! love it!! Hugh grant is fab in it, not usually a fan of his!
    And with our fab Martine u have a winning pairing!

    I’ve cried at the betrayal in this and cried at the joy in this film xxx

  • clarensimon says:

    Top Gun, just for Tom Cruise :)

  • Wiser1 says:

    I have recently watched The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and thought it was a great romantic film. Found myself laughing and crying in the film which means it is a winner with me! Definitely one of my favourites – up there with Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing.

  • piperty says:

    I love High Society… and more recently I’ve become a Twilight addict!

  • GeorgeBee says:

    Love Actually, just love how they bring the stories together.

  • Karen2105 says:

    Would love to win!

  • Cassieopea says:

    Notting Hill, love the bit at the end, love the whole thing, love the down to earth family and friends, love his flatmate. I just love the warm friendly humour!

  • tabitha67 says:

    Old movie – Gone With The Wind, for Scarlett’s dresses and sassiness and Rhett Butler’s brusque masculinity.

    New movie – Crossing Delancey with Amy Irving and Peter Riegert for it’s New Yorkness, or The Goodbye Girl with Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason for Dreyfuss’ off-off Broadway Richard III.

  • dawny594 says:

    Well, Pretty Woman is always a winner, or Top Gun, or Pride & Predjudice. Think the last one is my favourite, love the dry humour, especially in some of Mr Bennet’s lines

  • buzylizzy says:

    My favourite is the original black and white Wuthering Heights always makes me cry it just appeals to something in me.

  • janiechick says:

    Romancing the stone – michael douglas is hot in that film!

  • kiki_725 says:

    i love officer and a gentlemen. the end is amazing!

  • cheekychicken24 says:

    The Holiday for me, cos it’s two in one – Cameron & Jude with the funny misunderstandings, and Kate & Jack, as the always unlucky pair you know are meant to be together!

  • JSP says:

    Wow this is fab

  • Daphne01 says:

    An Officer and a Gentleman. Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous guy in a uniform to pick them up and whisk them away.

  • melvis says:

    My favourite is P.S I Love You because it’s not your typical love story but it still beautiful & makes me cry buckets :) xx

  • cher1981 says:

    My best friend’s wedding. Superb plot line, singalongs and it always makes me blub.

  • Desperado99 says:

    The Wedding Singer. I’m a big fan of rom com and I love it when the geeky guy wins

  • paulineppp says:

    My favourite is. Beidget Jones Diary, Beyond the Edge of Reason…. Its Romance with a modern slant, and i love all the characters… Especially Hugh Grant :)

  • paulineppp says:

    My favourite is. Bridget Jones Diary, Beyond the Edge of Reason…. Its Romance with a modern slant, and i love all the characters… Especially Hugh Grant :)

  • swanlady2000 says:

    Sleepless in Seattle – love the long distance romance that develops between two people who have never met.

  • castleton says:

    Love Actually. I watch it every Christmas,and always brings tears to my eyes.

  • whitenance says:

    Bodyguard – Love the protector side of the film, who isn’t gonna love a guy that saves your life?

  • ECTQuirk says:

    Ghost. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

    The film was so loving and heartbreaking at the same time it even got a old man like myself tearful.

    Amazing film.

  • brightonbelle says:

    I has to be Sleepless in Seattle for me. A lovely heart-warming story.

  • Barnabysue says:

    Has to be The Notebook, I cried buckets

  • katrinao says:

    The Notebook has to be the best movie, even my male friends love it (though they wouldn’t admit it)

  • xemmax121 says:

    Titanic – even though it’s sad, it’s really sweet in parts.

  • hollywolly says:

    my fave fave fave film is now 70 years old

    if i may say without being bold

    its the best of many from the past few years

    i know they have brought us all to tears

    but Gone with the Wind wins hands down for me

    and frankly girlies – its the one you should see

  • loulou72 says:

    My favorite romcom is ‘Just like heaven’ with Reese Witherspoon & Mark Ruffalo, really loved the ghostly aspect to it and it was funny too. Nearly thought they weren’t going to get together at the end. Loved it.

  • embabes says:

    I love Made of honour with Patick Dempsy! Never get bored of that film, just make you feel great! And how to lose a guy in ten days! Classic :)

  • jacquie3167 says:

    I love a good old love story.

  • cathyj says:

    notting hill

  • babybos says:

    Got to be ghost for me just love it x

  • CookieMon says:

    The Notebook…*sob* Just makes me well up everytime :( but :)

  • sweetiepie82 says:

    I’m torn between the Notebook (fab love story that is) & Brokeback Mountain with the sexy Heath Ledger (RIP). Both my faces. I love Just Like Heaven too :)

  • happymand says:

    It has to be ‘Ghost’ for me – I cry every time I watch it especially since my boyfriend died and it makes me hope that he loves me still and that death doesn’t mean the end of love.

  • ali991 says:

    Sleepless in Seattle, it just makes you go awwww everytime

  • jayz268 says:

    My all time favourite is Love Story, it is so sad and poignant.

  • polly321 says:

    Sigh…………..oh for some romance in my life!

  • bonnie102 says:

    brilliant :)

  • johnston352 says:

    Just what I need a lovely girlie film! Does it come with tissues and a box of chocolates!

  • 1pmt says:

    An Officer and a Gentleman. Never fails to bring me to tears

  • staceyshoes says:

    Bit of a newy but I love The Proposal – funny, romantic, tearjerker! what more could you possibly ask for with your tub of ice cream

  • carolD says:

    Has to be “An Officer & a Gentleman”, Richard Gere … swoon!!

  • strewthie says:

    An Affair to Remember – a golden oldie full of unpretencious romance love it !

  • ness13 says:

    My favourite is “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey are both brilliant as the couple who try to erase each other from their minds, but find that love isn’t that easy to walk away from.

  • alexlukeshelby says:

    Mum would love this.

  • allipratt says:

    Fave romance movie is Love Actually – so many inter-twining love stories with both happy and sad endings! Love it, reminds me of my travels round new Zealand :)

  • Jezzamk says:

    It has to be Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A classic film with beautiful music (Moon River), Audrey Hepburn and I always feel so sorry for the cat left out in the rain.

  • mgsimmo says:

    Love Romance DVD bundles. You just can’t beat this type of prize! The cornerstone of a great night in!!

  • IKKLE87 says:

    My fave romance film is PS I love you

  • fraoch says:

    Great for a girly night in. Thank you for the giveaway/

  • Longtall says:

    Having just watched the film, Wuthering Heights – the ITV made for TV version with Tom Hardy, Charlotte Riley and Andrew Lincoln, I have to say that this takes some beating in terms of a love story. Beautifully portrayed, the acting is fantastic – not normally one for old adaptations, but this one is something else – fantastic.

  • diva1977 says:

    Ghost definitely…………. its the dream isnt it. You fall in love and it lasts forever. And i do believe people we have really loved ie partners, grandparents etc can touch our lives like that from beyond the grave.

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