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The second series of MIRANDA, the multiple British Comedy Award-winning sitcom, is released on DVD on 7th November from 4DVD.
Starring certified ‘Queen of Comedy’ Miranda Hart, the hugely-popular series will also be released as a boxset alongside series 1 for the first time.

Containing never-before-seen behind the scenes material, this is a must-have for any comedy fan!Following on from the much-celebrated first series, series 2 catches up with Miranda (Hart) as she continues her hilarious route through life, stumbling from one disaster to the next!

Miranda is joined once again by a stellar cast of British actors including Patricia Hodge (Maxwell, The Legacy of Reginald Perrin) as Miranda’s overbearing mother Penny, Sarah Hadland (That Mitchell & Webb Look) as Miranda’s best friend Stevie, Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary, Smack The Pony) as Sloane Ranger school friend Tilly, and Tom Ellis (EastEnders) as Miranda’s long term crush Gary.

This series also sees Tom Conti (Friends, Shirley Valentine) make a guest appearance as Miranda’s Dad.Since Gary left for Hong Kong, in doing so taking with him Miranda’s only chance at a relationship, series 2 finds Miranda watching TV all day in her pyjamas with only the biscuit tin for company.

Her long-suffering friend and confidante Stevie eventually persuades Miranda to stop wallowing and to take hold of her life, encouraging her develop a better, more successful version of herself. However, Miranda soon discovers that the path to success, as with all things in her life, is fraught with difficulty; made all the worse by the meddling of her mother and boarding school nemesis Tilly. Can Miranda finally overcome these obstacles, get fit, and emerge as a socially-at-ease woman of grace and charm…?

This new release has a host of DVD extras including a behind-the-scenes tour and Miranda’s on-set interviews with cast, friends and family including Claire Balding, Frank Skinner and Miranda’s real-life mum alongside on screen mum, Patricia Hodge. Full of all the fun and frolics we have come to love, Miranda is back, funnier and more farcical than ever!

Miranda Series 2 is released on DVD on 7th November 2011, as well as the Series 1 and 2 boxset. Miranda Series 2 is the perfect treat for lovers of this affectionate family comedy!


To be in with a chance of winning a Miranda Series 2 DVD simply be a registered Girlie Gossip member and leave us a comment below telling us your favourite Miranda moment from series 1 or 2! We can’t wait to hear your best bits. Such fun!!…


  • dollyblue27 says:

    I love the scene where Miranda and her mother are walking through a graveyard and without warning Miranda falls into a recently dug grave. So unexpected.

  • MimiJane says:

    I haven’t got a favourite Miranda moment as I’ve never seen it! I would love to though as I’ve heard so much about it and this would be the ideal way to watch it at last …

  • melandtony says:

    i think the funneist moment i can think of was when Miranda in series one was in the bushes having a wee and the dog ran at her , she came out the bushes with her jeans down and saw the dog owner she fanced. to cover it up she joined a gang of kids and said “yo , im hanging with my homies” such fun , such fun lol

  • feefeegabor says:

    God I love Miranda! It’s hard to pick just one but I think at the end of the Job episode when Miranda’s Mum insists she’s a spy, her friends don’t believe her but Gary plays along and ends up carrying her out Officer & a Gentleman style – great to see her come out on top, for once!

  • lizd31 says:

    My favourite Miranda moment was the sushi bar scene

  • mpad6869 says:

    Mine is the “Wheres Wally” scene.

  • stuartcricket1 says:

    Friends made of Fruit :)

  • ness13 says:

    The episode where she goes on “holiday” to her local hotel, gets mistaken for someone else, gets drunk, ends up giving a presentation on something she knows nothing about and jumps out a window to escape absolutely creases me up every time I even think of it!

  • lillyfer says:

    My favourite bit was getting stuck in the revolving sushi bar

  • greig23 says:

    when she falls into the graveyard lol hilarious :@)

  • oneday12 says:

    I like when Miranda is dressed as Where’s Wally at the station, because that’s the weird game they play.

  • MysticCharm says:

    My favourite Miranda moment was when she was at a funeral, but didn’t have a clue as to who was in the coffin. I was in stitches as she worked her way through the names of family members until she finally figured it out.

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