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Coinciding with a new series on BBC 2 on 8th Nov, the Series 1 DVD introduces us to Miranda, the haplessly lovable star of the show who, in attempting to avoid embarrassment, often finds herself in the most awkwardly comical situations. It doesn’t matter what Miranda attempts in life – dating, joining the gym, job interviews, or simply dealing with her overbearing mother – she always seems to fall flat on her face, quite literally, and is incapable of leaving a room without knocking something over…

Miranda Hart is joined by a stellar cast including Patricia Hodge (Betrayal; The Life and Loves Of A She-Devil) – as her mother Penny, Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary; Smack The Pony), Tom Ellis (Miss Conception; EastEnders) and Sarah Hadland (That Mitchell and Webb Look), in this farcical, eccentric and laugh-out-loud family sitcom.

DVD extras: Behind the Scenes, Set Tour with Miranda, Introducing the Cast, Out Takes.


To be in with a chance of winning one of these fab signed DVD’s all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us about your fave Miranda moment! We’ll contact five lucky members via email (the one you signed up with) on or after Nov 15th 2010. Good luck and get commenting!


  • kevstanley says:

    Oh, I love Miranda!

    It’s actually quite hard to choose a favourite moment, but I think it has to be her attempted escape from her French class when she discovers it’s being taken by her old French teacher – with her bum stuck firmly in a small child’s chair, and her accent tending towards Scottish. Hilarious stuff.

  • timeturnedaround says:

    Favourite Miranda moment: In the last episode of the last series when Miranda finally told Gary how she felt about him. It was absolutely heartbreaking… even more so when the audience realised that it was just a daydream.

  • gingerhobbit says:

    My favourite moment is in Episode 4 when Miranda & Gary have the caterpillar-duck race (“mine has no turning circle!”) in the joke shop and then have to lie to the customer about the toys being for their imaginary children, Cliff & Richard (“we’re massive fans!”).

    However, it wouldn’t be right not to mention Tom Ellis in his RAF uniform. :D

    I would love love LOVE this DVD! *crosses fingers*

  • jbung says:

    Difficult to choose, there are so many fab moments, but I think my favourite was when Miranda went to evening classes, her old teacher was there as she tried to sneak out was stuck in the chair.

  • janiechick says:

    Not from the show but from when Miranda appeared on strictly come dancing it takes two last year. She crowned Ian Waite ( a pro dancer) Sir Ian Waite. That has been his official title in my household ever since!

  • brex says:

    When Miranda’s mum told her she was holding a party and Miranda kept coming up with excuses…

  • mpad6869 says:

    Has to be the Job Interview when it shows her unsucessfully applying to join the Navy whilst singing the Titanic theme

  • goes_placidly says:

    I still laugh out loud at the genius image of Stevie and her Great Dane, and Miranda and her chihuahua, in the park.

    But then I also loved the scene in the Holiday episode where she points out how outrageous her trip to the hotel next door had been…

  • LRS says:

    My absolute favourite Miranda moment is in episode 3 – “Job”

    Miranda and her mum go for an interview for the Royal Navy – her mum tries to beg them to take her by saying she has “excelent sea legs” and tells Miranda to put her “sea legs on the captains table”

    Has me in stitches constantly!!!!

    Can’t wait for the DVD….. and series 2!!!!

  • lorilizy says:

    My favorite moment….the end credits….. because its a bit pants really

  • suedong says:

    Omg I love Miranda – she is brilliant my favourite was when Miranda went to evening classes, her old teacher was there as she tried to sneak out was stuck in the chair I couldn’t stop laughing for ages :)

  • ness13 says:

    I adore this show and I can’t wait for series 2 to start next week. I think my favourite part, certainly the one that makes me laugh now even thinking about it, is when Miranda goes on holiday to her local hotel, gets drunk with some other guests and ends up leading a seminar. When the correct person turns up Miranda jumps out of the window and runs away. My description doesn’t do it justice at all!

  • feefeegabor says:

    OMG – I love Miranda. Thanks for the heads up about the DVD – it’s going on my Christmas list now! Gotta be the funniest show on TV.

    Do I have to just pick one moment?? My fave is probably the end of the Date episode when she and Gary are roaming around her kitchen in perfect time – just showing they SHOULD be together.

    I also love the Officer and a Gentleman scene – ahhhh!

  • mgsimmo says:

    Loved the scene when she bumped into her old flame and went out to get an outfit to dress to impress and came back dressed as a Transvestite! Set the scene for the whole series!

  • jadring says:

    I love Miranda, all the episodes are equally as funny as the last, but I do like the episode where she pretends to be the seminar leader and has everyone back to her hotel room ‘up the road from where she lives’ and then Gary turns up because they have spoken on the phone and he recognises where she is because of the picture she has sent him. Classic.

  • mh96477 says:

    Oh I would love to win this so much!

    Every episode has brilliant moments but the one that sticks out for me most is when Miranda asks for “company” when she stays in the hotel up the road and Clive walks in, lies on her bed topless and give each other the fright of their lives! lol

    Tom Ellis is gorrrrggeeoussss!!!

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