Win Tickets to the Taste of London Festival with Wanchai Ferry!


We’ve got a pair of evening tickets for Taste of London to give away, complete with £20 worth of crowns, which lets you sample the food from the stalls as you go! Read on for details!

You can master the art of Chinese cuisine at Taste of London with Wanchai Ferry, a newly launched range of Chinese recipe kits. The Wanchai Ferry stand at Taste will feature flare-wokking and Chinese cooking demonstrations, a competition to win dinner for 2 at a famous Michelin Star restaurant and product giveaways.

Perfect for a special meal to share on a relaxed evening in, Wanchai Ferry recipe kits enable you to enjoy a more rewarding cooking experience and delicious, multi-layered flavours. Unique speciality ingredients, from Shiitake mushrooms with their distinctive Umami flavor to crunchy peanuts to toast in your wok or sweet, juicy pineapple chunks, add the perfect finishing touch to each dish.

The Wanchai Ferry range consists of a trio of authentic, mouth-watering flavours from three Chinese provinces:

Xiang Gu Chicken Recipe Kit (Zhejiang Province) – a blend of succulent Shiitake mushrooms in a rich black bean and ginger sauce
Kung Pao Chicken Recipe Kit (Szechuan Province) – crunchy toasted peanuts in a lively Szechuan sauce
Bo Luo Pork Recipe Kit (Guangdong Province) – sweet and juicy pineapple in a fruity, tangy Cantonese sauce
Wanchai Ferry now offers you the chance to win a pair of premium tickets to the Taste of London Festival, which runs in Regents Park from June 18 – 21. This hotly anticipated event brings together a selection of world famous brands and restaurants in a unique outdoor food and drink festival, showcasing cuisine from some of the country’s best chefs. Tasty stuff!

To learn more about the art of Chinese cuisine, visit

To enter and win all you have to do is leave us a comment below telling us your favourite food! A winner will be picked at random from all comments and contacted in time to receive their ticket to the show next week! Good luck, and get commenting!!


  • phunkygal says:

    My favourite food is chocolate! yum yum

  • Princess Star says:

    My favourite food is anything that has been cooked on a barbeque! mmmm yum yum!!

    I so want to go to this aswell!!!!

  • loridean says:

    I love strawberries with Marachino and vanilla ice cream. Yum Yum . I would love to go to the Taste of London

  • quinlahe says:

    It changes every day right now I am thinking of a simple slice of think chunky toast with a slathering of creamy butter and by this afternoon it will be warm chunky chocolate brownies (there are too many options to have just one favourite!)

  • today says:

    Tiramisu pudding and co-op profiteroles

  • caz444 says:

    oh id would have to be bar-b-qued ribs and jacket potato yum!!!!

  • caroldodds says:

    Roast chicken, vegetables, and gravy

  • Boomdeaye says:

    It’s like picking your favourite child … but at the moment I’m really craving Smoked salmon & really rich blackberry jam, though not at the same time!

  • graphicuk says:

    I absolutely love Mexican food, everything about it…the cheese the sour cream, the guacamole…Mmmmm Ahhhhhh :D

  • rachelisa84 says:

    I absolutely LOVE home made thai green chicken curry with a pashwari naan to mop up the sauce :) And then a couple of hours later once there’s space for pudding, I like to share a big tub of cookie dough icecream with my housemates in front of a good film :)

  • baggycat says:

    I love macaroni cheese. I can make it myself too

  • sparky61 says:

    I do have a few but I absolutely love Chicken Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour Pork, BBQ Pork Fried rice and extra Sweet and Sour Sauce. Oh, and Pancake roll too.

    Feeling hungry now, my chicken and jacket spud won’t quite do :-(

    Good luck all x

  • Ellie8 says:

    My favourite ‘posh’ food is lobster… my staple diet would be hand-cooked potato crisps like Tyrells, Kettle Chips etc.

  • babybat says:

    My favourite food is slow roast pork belly – delicious with a little fennel seed, salt & pepper, and a big pile of creamy mashed potato!

  • ClarkeEJ says:

    Has to be Lasagne for me…

  • ming says:

    On a winters day rare roast beef with yorkshire puddings sweet potato and lashings of horseradish , On a summers day cod on the bbq with lemon black pepper and a lovely fresh salad and of course washed down with a rose spritzer …….. hmmmm

  • ksherval says:

    Raspberrys and strawberrys with cream. washed down with pimms… Summer at its best

  • winbourne says:

    My fav food has to be good old Brisish Fish and Chips! YUM!

  • Snow_Bunny says:

    I love Thai food!

  • carowood says:

    I love a nice hot and spicy chilli con carne plus I am addicted to sherbert lemons!

  • Nettie says:

    My favourite food has to be indian! I love Chicken Curry, Pilau Rice and Naan Bread. But it must include the papadums for starters. DELICIOUS!

  • doodnath says:

    a pizza

  • mandajane says:

    its got to be peking crispy duck and pancakes

  • kate_e says:

    It’s this amazing hugarian homemade noodle called spatzele– too gorgeous for words!

  • nicolac says:

    Belgian waffles with maple syrup, fresh strawberries and cream!

  • stanthefox says:


  • murther says:

    It has to be gammon, cheezy mash and chopped tomatoes – heaven

  • canyonroad says:

    Profiterroles of course! These are delicious!

  • janeconstable says:

    sausage & mash, real comfort food….

  • nett_jam says:

    My favourtie food is a spicy curry with all the extras!

  • London Foodie says:

    I love Cheese!!! So many different types, flavours, textures, consistencies… could eat it all day long!!

    I love all things food related so would be thrilled to get a chance to attend the Taste of London show!!!

  • Tulip2uk says:

    I love Scampi and chips and peas,Maybe a beef curry with Popadoms too

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