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Spinella Chairs UK Limited promotes the sale of the Spinella branded products designed and produced in Denmark. This chair collection has been designed by Sanne Buhl to meet a need for a new type of seating suitable for all people working at a computer.

Their mission is to help people with lower back pain, and prevent children from getting back problems in later life by getting them to sit correctly while growing up.

Human beings were not designed to sit down, sitting is unnatural and you can’t blame the back for grumbling if we do it for long periods of time. The chair industry reacts by designing soft comfortable chairs that support our whole body, thereby tempting us to sit still for hours in the same “correct” position.

This is not something we agree with… you need “active” seating where you are free to move position and no soft upholstery, you need to get up and walk about or better still be able to adjust your workstation height from sitting to standing. All of these concepts have been common place in workstation and chair designs in Scandinavia for years.


More than 2.5 million people in the UK alone suffer from lower back pain and this revolutionary work chair for adults and children developed by Sanna Buhl, a danish relaxation therapist is absolutely perfect for ths who spend long hours working at their computer. With this in mind Girlie Gossip decided to try out the chairs for ourselves and we were amazed by the results.

Technical Features

OPTIMAL RELIEF With a seat depth of only 30 cm, the user is forced to move back on the chair. The short seat also relieves the pressure on nerves and blood vessels on the back of the thighs, resulting in better blood circulation to the legs.

SITTING COMFORT The chair is upholstered with Technogel®, a polyurethane gel, instead of foam. This provides optimal heat regulation and sitting comfort. A Technogel® seat moulds to the user and relieves the pressure on the seat bones. This makes it easier for the user to be active, thus preventing the back from slumping during the day.

SUPPORT AND VARIATIONS SPINELLA has two individually adjustable back cushions to support the user’s back and preserve its natural curvature. The floating tilt, allowing seat and backrest to move individually, enhances blood circulation and body dynamics.

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Your chair will arrive in knockdown format, four parts that only take minutes to assemble.

What Girlie Gossip Thought…

Often spending hours sat at our desk writing up the latest news for Girlie Gossip and the rest of the Lunafly Media network we switched from our rather bulky office chair to a sleek sexy looking black Spinella chair and the results were almost instantaneous. The first thing you notice is that this chair literally forces you to keep your posture correct. At first we thought this might be a bad thing but if anything it’s quite the opposite and you don’t realise just how much you’ve been slouching until you try one of these chairs! Yes, you do have to sit more upright on these chairs but you can alter the back rest and seat position to suit your own comfort making them highly versatile and very comfortable! With their wide range of sassy colours and the chic designs for both kids and adults they are not only great for your posture but make a real design statement in the office or at home. Fabulous!

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