X factor 2009! Opening Night Review. 22/08/09


What has 200K contestants, an extra 6 million pound budget and 14.6 million viewers?!

Oh finally, my Saturday nights’ have purpose again! X Factor is back with vengeance our favourite judges probably have a whole new set of either insults or fresh tears up their sleeves, it has a new set up and the many deluded people are here to entertain us!

But joking aside, I get incredibly obsessed with X Factor each year and this year I am very happy to be sharing this fascination with all of you! Last year I was terribly upset JLS lost, to the point that I downloaded the Jeff Buckley version of Hallelujah to stop silly Alexandra Burke making number one.

In 2007 I backed Rhydian Roberts, the sexy Welsh Opera singer, who came second after boring Leon; a boy that I swear only won ‘cause the whole of Scotland voted for him. In 2006 it was a similar story for Eton Road, the band with three normal guys and one strange emo kid, who was in a world of his own; they were beaten by Leona Lewis – a lady I regarded as dull and lacking in the personality department.

As you will see in the weeks to come I respect the acts who win me over, not just by their talent but by their stage presence and character. I don’t care if they are fat or skinny; tall or dwarfish; gothic or camp just as long as they put a smile on my face and are easy on their ears I’ll love them! I mean come on; I wanted Chico to win in 2005!!

Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh opened the series with a twist, a live audience for the first auditions. Ring a bell anyone?! BGT and American Idol have this set up. Of course, this test takes a lot of guts, so hats off to everyone that auditioned this year for starters. But, it never fails to amaze me just how mislead some people are, take “Triple Trouble” for example – in case you missed tonight’s show they are three unruly teenagers who came on in hoodies, hair scrapped back and lacking in articulation, “I am actual serious now, Simon”, they left in a huff with a microphone thrown across the stage.

Another one with a screw loose was morbidly-obese Emma Chawner, 19, who was mocked in 2007 by Simon for wearing a dress her Nan made her, this year she is back with her sister, much-more-mobidly-obese Samantha, 21, to torment the judges and boast how she has been EVICTED from her house for singing late into the night.

It wasn’t all bad news though, they did show us a couple of REAL performers, and personally I loved the 17 year old twins, John and Edward, who really owned the stage and sung not just to the judges but to the whole audience without a care in the world! We didn’t get to hear much of them (Cowell cut them off before they could even finish the first verse of “As Long as you love me” Backstreet Boys) but they sounded great, and I agree with Louis, they were “cheeky, not cocky”! Although Cowell said no, the rest said yes so lets bare these guys in mind when it’s time for boot camp.

Danyl Johnson, from Reading, Berks got a standing ovation and Cowell has even said he can see him winning the show; the 27 year old teacher gave a unique version of “With a little help from my friends”, where he ran around the stage, interacted with the audience and did a short, cheeky dance movement or two! My money is on him going far this year!

This was a great opening to my favourite show and I am already excited for next week, however, I have to admit I much prefer boot camp and the live shows, rather than the first auditions because I love judging the real talent safely from my sofa. Well done ITV, X Factor is well worth the investment, Saturday night T.V. has been a bore recently and I’m glad staying in won’t be such awful drudgery.

As always, thanks for reading,
Anna-Louise x

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