Xmas Gifts for Paranormal Fans!

We like to cater for everyone here at Girlie Gossip and with Halloween just gone by, how about taking a look at a bit of a spooky option for your Christmas Gifts this year?

In October 2009 a new paranormal magazine came to life – zombie like, but with brains, intelligence, humour and an unequivocal thirst to satisfy its readers. That magazine was called HAUNTED and it came packed full of scary goodness, informative well written, well researched entertaining features, celebrity interjections and just about anything and everything that fell within the eclectic mix of the paranormal umbrella, ella, ella. The pilot issue, lovingly known as Issue #0 featured Derren Brown, Derek Acorah, Girls Aloud and Scooby-Doo …. it started a whole new trend in paranormal magazines

Where HAUNTED tries to differ from the other paranormal magazines that are out there, good though they are, is that it stretches the genre and infuses all the sides and faces that the paranormal industry throws up and shake it up in a big gothic velvet style bag, mixing it with potion de la celebrity, adding a few pinches of spirituality before chopping up a few cloves of the paranormal’s dark and demonic side, then mixing and blending all that together and finally topping up with Holy Water (just to be on the safe side).

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite then maybe it might interest you to know that Girlie Gossip’s very own Editor is coming on board to write a ‘Ghoulish Gossip’ column for the magazine. Gossip, but from the Paranormal scene. What’s not to love?!

Take a look at the link below and get ordering girls (and guys!) as this magazine really needs your help in order to become even bigger and better than it already is!

Find out more about the magazine and ways to order your copy or subscribe HERE!  The perfect gift for Paranormal fans this Christmas.

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