10 Reasons We LOVE Nights IN!

。。。 Count on Chill and Chill this Spring 。。。 Which of the seasons is your favourite? Here at Girlie Gossip, we LOVE spring time! ♡...

。。。 Count on Chill and Chill this Spring 。。。

Which of the seasons is your favourite? Here at Girlie Gossip, we LOVE spring time!

♡ ❀ ♡

Spring is when life is alive with everything, and after a long, cold, dark winter, we welcome the fresh light of spring with open arms. Although, whilst we love to open up our windows and invite the spring air in, we aren’t ready to sacrifice those cosy nights at home just yet!

。。。 10 Reasons to Stay at Home and Chill 。。。

。 It is cheaper 。

You can save so much money! Factor in the cost of taxi’s, dinner, drinks, entertainment, a babysitter, the new dress and shoes you HAD to buy, and the obligatory pizza for the walk home. If you stay in, you don’t have to worry about remortgaging the house or selling your youngest child.

。 It is safer 。

Everybody feels more comfortable and happy in their safe place. If you stay home you don’t have to worry about any of life’s little accidents because you are there to protect your home.

Do remember, though, that Chill Insurance has your back. Whether you are staying in or going out, don’t forget your home insurance!

。 It requires WAY less effort 。

You don’t have to worry about the logistics of a night out or planning a meetup and getting yourself there on time. You don’t have to pick an outfit and you don’t have to put your face on. In fact, even pants are optional.

。 Like way less… 。

You don’t even have to stand up if you don’t want to…

。 Boxsets 。

Binge watching boxsets has become everyone’s favourite past time. So, close those curtains, put on those cosy PJs, get the popcorn… and chill.

。 You can socialise more 。

We can forgive you for thinking the opposite is true, but you would be wrong. At home, you can have a proper conversation without yelling at each other. You can avoid the awkward ‘nod laugh’ because you can’t possibly ask someone to repeat themselves for a third time! #awkward.

。 You can pamper yourself 。

Bath bombs, face masks, and a good old fashioned spring harvest!

。 No small talk or cheesy chat up lines 。

You don’t have to fake smile or make up mindless chit chat with that person you haven’t seen since in years, or that women who worked with your Mother ten years ago and hasn’t seen you since you were “this high.”

。 Things could get a little romantic 。

I mean we can live in hope right? Besides, getting romantic in public is often frowned upon.

。 No bra! No heels! and all the snacks you can eat 。

We probably should have led with this!


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