10 Top Safety Tips for Travelling Through South Africa

South Africa is a wonderful and diverse beautiful country. It is an adventure hotspot. Whether you go for the crystal blue waters and stunning...

South Africa is a wonderful and diverse beautiful country. It is an adventure hotspot. Whether you go for the crystal blue waters and stunning beaches, or to any of its many natural reserves, there is something for any adventurer. It is the country that boasts 11 official languages, a diverse and complex culture, and home to some of the most beautiful creatures in the animal kingdom. As beautiful as the country is, there is still reason to be cautious. Follow these top safety tips when you are travelling through South Africa.

| Use a Reliable Car |

Though you can get to several destinations by bus, the true beauty can only be found off the beaten track. That is why you want to use a reliable, practical car. A great choice is the Toyota Corolla series. These cars are easy on gas, very reliable, and affordable. Remember, they drive on the left in South Africa!

You also need to exercise a bit more caution about your vehicle. Always put all your valuables into the trunk of the car when you park, use a steering-lock and a put a lock on the fuel tank cap. It is also important to have car insurance, in the case of any damages. Know the areas to go to, and those to avoid: make your safety a priority.

South Africa is a beautiful place, and its people are kind and welcoming. Using a car to travel through this stunning place is the only way to see the secrets that it holds.

| Avoid Wearing Flashy, Expensive Things |

Tourists are a target for pickpockets, which is why it’s best to not wear any expensive or flashy jewelry or other expensive items. Keep your camera in a bag and secured to you always, and always walk with purpose. This is the same advice for many travelers should take for many countries around the world.

| It’s Better to Travel with Others |

Solo travelers will always be a bigger target than groups. You don’t have to travel to South Africa with someone, but it is always best to make friends there or to travel in tour groups. Further, don’t walk the streets at night (in a group or otherwise) and take a cab instead.

South Africa is a beautiful country, and its cities are stunning. Cape Town has been named one of the best cities in the world for dating. While safety should always be a concern, don’t let the extra precautions turn you away from one of the most diverse countries. There is culture, and art, and music, and wildlife, and so many amazing things to do and see throughout the country.

Everything in life has risks. There are areas in South Africa that are safer than others, yes, but that shouldn’t stop any traveler from seeing the beauty it holds. Use reputable tour companies, rely on the local information, and stay in highly rated hotels. It’s easy to put your safety first, and it’s easy to enjoy South Africa.


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