10 Things To Buy Your Man For Christmas That Aren’t Beer.

Part 1 of our article series by new GG staff member Charlie Hurt …

So it’s christmas day, you’re sat around the treeyou’ve just unwrapped the packet of Marigolds and the litre of “Tweed” he got you and you watch his face light up as he unwraps his present and says… “How much did you pay for that? I could have got one off John for half the price!”

This year do things the Girlie Gossip way and stab him in the eye with a biro!

On the other hand you could check out our “10 things to get your bloke that aren’y beer.” guide.

Either way you’re guaranteed a little peace and quiet this festive season.

So, I thought “This is going to be as easy as taking candy from a baby, putting it in a nifty little gift bag wrapped in tissue paper and giving it to the missus for Valentine’s day.” An action replay of last year’s very successful 14th Feb in other words. After all – I’m a man, at least, I’m man shaped. I know what I’d like to get for christmas, therefore I must know what every man would,

Except I didn’t. I don’t. Not even what I want. See, I hardly ever covet things and much prefer to be surprised by my ever so intuitive wife, who always seems to get it just right all on her own. Which is great for me, but doesn’t help write this article. So against all natural instinct I used my brain and the first result was this:

#1: – A Tattoo.

Now being a tattooist and having worked in several London tatt and piercing studios I have a bit of a head start with this. It’s not as stupid a gift idea as it sounds.

Ok, so tattoos aren’t for everyone. The answer of course is not to pick it as a present for someone who has none already, unless, of course, you are REALLY, REALLY sure??

There are several ways you could go about this. I’m only going to suggest the ones that are legal, safe and not at the top of the price range.

The best way of arranging this is to see of your local tattooist will sell you a gift voucher. There will be hundreds of designs he can choose from within the price range you give him and he can do just that when he makes his appointment and visits the shop.

You may want to do more, in which case you can book some time at a tattooist in London and make a weekend trip away of it. Some of the more reputable parlours are:

‘Blood Brothers’,holloway. ‘Chrome’,camden high street. ‘Eclipse’,camden high street.

Another option would be to draw the design yourself. (If you are artistically inclined and confident that he’ll like it.) The tattooist will then tell you how much it will cost, based on size, design, detail and the type of body/skin your other half has. (These things affect the price of any tattoo.)

If you don’t want the gift to be a surprise (which may be the best option.) then it’s something you can plan together. Alternatively, surprise him with the idea on Christmas day and take the planning from there.

There are, however, a few things you should bear in mind:

a) Most tattoists will NOT tattoo boyfriend/girlfriend names unless you are married or occassionally if your relationship is one that has lasted for years. Not only is this to protect you from doing something you may regret, it is also considered unlucky.

b) A tattoo is for life. No matter how good “removal” techniques are, or whether it can be covered (most can) it’s best to be sure you want it before you get it.

c) If you look after your tattoo as instructed there is no reason for it to become infected. It’s possible, but unlucky.

d)Don’t be put off by your tattooist’s attitude. Most are tetchy to begin with as it’s a way of testing your commitment. Also, most tattooists are grumpy geeks, but not so bad once they get to know you.

That’s pretty much it then. More information will be available from your local artist. It’s best to speak to them in person as techniques and opinions differ with each one, as do prices. Although it’s worth bearing in mind that what you are buying will last for life and the price is, therefore, relatively cheap.

Most tattooists offer an after care package, which includes a free “touch up” within a certain time period subject to certain conditions.

An hour of a good tattooist’s time will cost between £30 – £70, depending on his reputation and location.

Keep checking back for more unique gift ideas….

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