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Persil Service reveals that two years of women’s lives are lost to house work 3rd September 2007, London – A woman’s work really is...

Persil Service reveals that two years of women’s lives are lost to house work
3rd September 2007, London – A woman’s work really is never done as the average woman will spend a staggering TWO YEARS of her life doing house work, according to new research. The survey of 2,000 UK women was conducted by Persil Service to raise awareness about the hectic lives of today’s women and marks the official launch of Persil Services ‘Text When Ready’ service – a lifesaver reminder for women juggling a never-ending list of chores!

The survey reveals that the average woman spends more than 24 hours each month on household chores – or almost two weeks of her year. Most time is spent dusting and vacuuming the house, which takes up an average of 13 hours a month – around 17 months in a lifetime. This is a lot higher than the average man who will do just over a year’s worth of housework in his lifetime – or 15 hours a month.

But it’s ironing that’s the most hated chore with 45 per cent saying they dread dragging the board out. To help them get through it, more than a quarter of people say they daydream about something they would rather be doing. Almost 41 per cent of folk switch off completely until the ironing pile is finished.

Yet some people hate the chore so much they even have nightmares about it – one female respondent has dreamt that as fast as she finished the pile, another one appeared!

For 10 per cent of people, this nightmare isn’t too far from the reality as they describe their weekly chore list as hectic and never-ending. And a quarter of people say they are too busy to do the chores they need to and feel under pressure to spend even more time keeping their homes spick and span. More than 12 per cent commented that they have little time to spend on themselves because they are so busy doing the housework or working. While more than half of people (53%) think they spend too much time working than enjoying the other aspects of their life.

Carole Brown Managing Director, Persil Service commented, “It’s amazing how long women spend doing household chores in a lifetime and it just goes to show how hectic modern living has become. It’s far easier to drop off washing and dry cleaning into our conveniently located stores, so we can take on the chores – giving people time to enjoy their precious free time.”

Top 5 most hated chores

Ironing (45%)
Cleaning the house – dusting etc (31%)
Laundering bed linen (9%)
External chores – running errands etc (8%)
Laundering clothes (4%)
Persil Services ‘Text When Ready’ service will help ensure that women have one less thing to worry about, for example leaving their favourite coat at the dry cleaners! This handy service allows Persil Service customers to choose to have a free text message reminder sent directly to their mobile phone. This text will inform them that their laundry and dry cleaning is ready for collection.

Carole Brown, commented, “With today’s busy schedules you shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about your laundry and dry cleaning. Our ‘Text When Ready’ service is another way that we are making life easier for our customers, with a simple confirmation that items are available for collection when it’s convenient.”

Regional Comparisons:

Londoners are the least ‘bed-proud’, just over two thirds spend less than one hour per week making sure their beds are kept clean and fresh!
The Welsh are the most house-proud with over 50% spending more than three hours per week keeping their homes spick and span!
Scots are the most crinkled with almost 70% spending less than one hour per week on ironing
The Irish spend the longest on laundering their clothes, with over 70% spending a minimum of three hours per week carefully washing and ironing their wardrobes

About Persil Service

Persil Service is a nationwide chain of laundry and dry cleaning service stores, with stores located within Sainsbury’s supermarkets and convenient shopping destinations across the country, Persil Service offers a hassle free way to manage those necessary, but highly time consuming jobs.

The Persil Service solution gives consumers more time to spend doing the things they really want to do. Blending seamlessly into weekly routines, customers can drop off their most hated household chores at their local Persil Service store safe in the knowledge that they are guaranteed quality service and competitive prices. Persil Service will always offer convenient locations with long opening hours, plenty of space to park and competitive local pricing.

In addition to the laundry and dry cleaning service, Persil Service stores also offer other services including:

• Photo processing – digital, 35mm and APS
• Key cutting
• Instant Passport photos
• Carpet cleaning machine hire

Persil Service, a venture from Unilever, was established in 2002 and now has over seventy outlets across the UK which are primarily contained within Sainsbury’s stores. A number of stand alone stores in a range of locations are planned to open throughout 2007 to bring the benefits of Persil Service to even more consumers across the UK.


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