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The Girlie Gossip team were excited to be given the chance to review a number of products currently available at Now normally, it’s...

The Girlie Gossip team were excited to be given the chance to review a number of products currently available at Now normally, it’s something for your hair, a new make-up or if we are really lucky, some form of clothing that we get to test out, but it this case it was something just as amazing, but for our little pooches instead! is a new website which offers a range of products for sale, the option to share pics of your dogs with other members and an amazing Facebook style social networking area for you little hound!

The website and products are predominately aimed at dogs living the city lifestyle and the whole concept has a hip and funky feel. Dogside founder Adam Arnold (yes, unbelievably this cool and fun idea was actually conjured up by a man!) says “Life in a big city is very different for dogs, just as it is for humans, and until now products and service for dogs have been either drab and traditional or cute and fluffy. No one has started from the position of thinking about what it means and what it feels like to be a dog in the city. No one has asked ‘what do urban dogs and their owners need?’ That’s why we started Dogside.”

He continues. “The aim of Dogside is to enhance and improve the lives of urban dogs and their owners. We’ve done a lot of research into the day-to-day life of urban dogs and the behaviour of their owners and we’ve uncovered lots of insights. Our initial range of products and out portal have been designed with these in mind and are set to take the quality of canine city living to a new level.”

So, here we were presented with three new and interesting products to get our teeth into! As the only girl in the office with my own little fluff ball, I was given the exciting task of testing the new products at home with my pet.

Product One: The Dogside Lead

Dogside Description: A stylish 90cm black lead with and electroluminescent blue thread running thorugh it. This makes it perfect for a night walk during the dark winter months. A contoured, vulcanised rubber handle makes it easy to take control of your pet while dodging traffic and pedestrians in the city streets. Priced at £25

What did Girlie Gossip think?
This is ingenious!! The lead is tough, durable, and functional. It happy adheres to all the things a good non-extendible lead should with a comfortable handle, secure fasting to attached to your dogs collar and is easy to manipulate when trying to keep your dog on the straight and narrow! Then comes the exciting bit… at a push of a button, the lead lights up to give you and your dog some extra seeing power on a winter evening walk! Just what you need as the nights begin to draw closer and closer in. Just for a bit of fun, and something that caused a certain degree of entertainment for my 6 month old pup, you can also set the lights to flash! A big thumbs up from us – a good lead with some added extras for a little fun to make it even more functional than any lead before. Our only slight concern might be the price which seems a little on the high side for such a product, but we love it all the same!

Product Two: The Dogside Jacket

Dogside Description: This waterproof jacket with easy velcro fastenings is the ultimate in performance outer wear and will not only ensure a dog is this seasons style leader but importantly it will stop him getting wet and muddy during walks in the park. Available in XS,S,M and L. There are no more excuses for owners on rainy days. Priced at £30

What did Girlie Gossip think?
Sadly, the little doggie coat we were sent was a little too small for my pup, but I managed to squeeze her in for a quick walk in the rain. It basically did everything it says on the tin – kept her warm and dry and made her look super super cute all at the same time! Our favourite feature by far is the sweet little hood which can be rolled out to keep the rain out of your dogs eyes! A nice coat with a fun feel! Only downside would again be the price, but I can still see these selling like hotcakes!

Product Three: The Dogside Bowl

Dogside Description: So you thought that a bowl was just a bowl – well not this one. This is the dogs! Not only does this one look super cool with it’s branded black outer bowl but it is also designed with a stainless steel removable inner bowl for easy cleaning; rubberised feet so it stays put when your dog in munching; and cut away handles making it easy to pick up. A new bowl for the New Year. Priced at £15

What did Girlie Gossip think?
This is just perfect. Once again, the product does exactly as the description describes and looks fab with all the other doggie goodies. The bowl is very durable and sturdy, and the easy clean function of removing the inner bowl is an excellent idea. Another thumbs up from me and my pooch!

Our overall thoughts:

Dogside seems to have hit the nail on the head in respect of functionality -V- fun-factor. All the products are good at the jobs they are intended for, but at the same time, are fun and funky, making your little dog feel special and keeping you up with the latest trend. The only slight negatives are the rather hefty price tags, but I’m sure our little bundles of fun are worth every penny!

The website itself is a little on the flashy side for my liking, and I feel with a bit of toning down would be more user friendly, but all in all is a very cool and funky concept for the city dogs of the UK.

A fun selection of products with a good website to reinforce the cool and funky feel, Girlie Gossip gives Dogside and it’s range of products 4 out of 5 stars.

To find out more about these products please visit

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