3 Fun Things To Do On A Girls Night In

Not everyone likes to go out partying throughout the festive season, so we’ve come up with three ideas for fun things that you could do on a girls night in, that don’t involve you even leaving the comfort of your house!

Movie Night – Invite a group of your closest friends round and choose a film to watch. You could even tell them all to bring their pj’s and hold a pyjama party from the comfort of your front room! This is a great way to have an informal get-together without the pressure of dressing up or having to spend money on new outfits to wear. Make your own popcorn and sprinkle it with a little bit of icing sugar for a delicious sweet treat, without too many calories.

You could have your own drinks trolley with a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your friends to choose from. This way everyone can help themselves to whatever they want and you won’t find yourself constantly tied to the kitchen topping up glasses for people all evening.

Bingo Night – If you want to create a fun atmosphere at home and add a little bit of excitement into the mix then why not arrange your own bingo night? You could make your own bingo station and have one of your friends as the caller or why not try luck at bingo sites by playing online? This way there’s a real chance of winning yourself some money and you can all experience the atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.

Get the hot chocolates flowing and pop on some music in the background and you’ll have yourselves a ready made party with a quirky twist! This is definitely a more on-trend way to try your hand at bingo for the first time in a fun and relaxed environment with friends!

Cocktail Night – Last but not least, if you want a fun night in with your friends and but still want the fun atmosphere of a bar or a nightclub then why not research some cocktail recipes online and come up with some fun and delicious drinks for your girls night in. Who knows, maybe you could even persuade one of your guy friends to play bar-man for the night and serve up the drinks?

There are so many cocktails ranging from alcoholic, to non-alcoholic varieties and if you don’t want to mix everything from scratch yourself, there are plenty of pre-mixed drinks options. Set aside an area on your kitchen worktop for some cute garnishes and chopped fruit to place on top and you’ll have great looking drinks in a matter of minutes. All that’s left for you to do now is invite the girls over and decide on a theme for your girls night in.

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