4 Beauty Bag Must Haves

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Lord & Berry Lord & Berry is completely new to me, but I am so glad I discovered this amazing brand. Once you’ve tried this...

Lord & Berry

4 Beauty Bag Must Haves

Lord & Berry is completely new to me, but I am so glad I discovered this amazing brand. Once you’ve tried this professional collection, you’ll keep on going back for more. My favorite has got to be the red lip crayon, the colour is so vibrant and lasts all day!

Most of the time when I wear lipstick of lipgloss, my partner won’t kiss me as he doesn’t want the colour rubbing off on his lips so I rarely use any. But with the timeless kissproof lipgloss from lord and berry, I can have beautiful looking lips and still have smooches with the hubby!

Lord & Berry were the proud sponsors of the Pringle of Scotland London Fashion Week 2016

You can buy Lord & Berry products HERE.  

COLAB Dry Shampoo

4 Beauty Bag Must Haves

Ruth Crilly‘s CoLab dry shampoo is perfect if like me you have a busy lifestyle and don’t always have time to wash your hair in the mornings. When your hair feels slightly greasy, simply spray this amazing dry shampoo from a slight distance and voila, your hair instantly feels smooth and soft like it’s just been washed! Colab also comes in travel size cans so it’s perfect to carry around in your handbag to freshen up your hair throughout the day. You can buy Colab dry shampoo for the bargain price of just £3.50 HERE

Caudalie Skin Care

4 Beauty Bag Must Haves

Caudalie has a very elegant luxury feel to it. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Beyonce use Caudalie. It is a well known must have for many other A-list celebs. Caudalie’s originates in Bordeaux, a place famous for its vineyards and wines. Grapes contain many anti-oxidants and have huge benefits for our health as well as our skin.

Caudalie Grape Water

The grape water spray soothes and moisturises the skin it’s very light and refreshing. During the dry winter months, this spray has been a God send. It hydrates without leaving your skin feeling oily and greasy. The spray is also perfect to keep in the fridge and give yourself a spritz on hot, sunny days.

Caudalie Serum

This luxury serum is a gorgeous addition to any skin care routine. I tend to use this serum at night rather than in the morning and when I wake up, my face is so bright and has a real glow to it. I also find that my foundation seems to go on a lot easier and looks more natural. The serum has drastically improved my skin tone and I have been using less and less concealer since I started with Caudalie.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I am left wondering how I ever lived without this fantastic product! Caudalie is most definitely a beauty bag must-have. The beauty mist smoothes the skin, tightens pores and provides an instant burst of radiance. I use thus elixir after washing my face and before using my moisturiser and it really helps to give my skin a gorgeous glowing complexion. You can buy Caudalie beauty products HERE.

Nspa From Asda

4 Beauty Bag Must Haves

Asda has got to be one of my favorite stores, they always have a huge collection of everything you need, including skin & beauty products! I love the nspa collection, not only is it a beautiful addition to my personal beauty bag, but these products have a really luxury feel bout them but they don’t come with a huge price tag! Last year, I included some of the nspa products in a Christmas hamper for my mother-in-law and she adored them.

The grapefruit and raspberry face wash is perfect for sensitive skin and leave you feeling really refreshed in the mornings. The moisture cream is also amazing for sensitive skin and the fruity smell is amazing! Most moisturisers lose their scent after a couple of hours of being applied to the skin, but this lasted all day! You can buy nspa products at Asda in-store or online HERE

Let me know what’s in your beauty bag in the comments!

4 Beauty Bag Must Haves

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