We all need to get away sometimes, and FAST! If you’re thinking of taking off for a quick break away, check out these 5 places!


Blackpool gets a bit of a bad rep at times, but I suppose that just means it isn’t for everybody. A lot of people love it and visit every year! It’s the perfect place to go if you have your family in tow. There’s beach, amusement parks, arcades, and the famous ‘tat’ shops selling all kinds of souvenirs. Make sure you go on ‘the Big One’ at Pleasure Beach if you have the stomach for it! If you’re not travelling with family, you might fancy a few drinks. Blackpool has plenty of places you can go for a tipple!


Cornwall is an amazing place to visit for your weekend break. You can spend time with your toes in the sand, watching the surfers do their thing. You can buy some beautiful jewellery from the unique Bloody Mary Metal. You can even see plants all around the world at the amazing Eden Project! There’s a variety of different places you can stay too, like The Old Bridge House. Decide on the kind of things you’d like to do here and then pick your accommodation accordingly. You have places like Newquay, which is very popular. Newquay is small, but it’s far from quiet. If you want a weekend break away that has plenty of pubs and even some places to play arcade games, you’ve got it here! Enjoy finding crustaceans on the rocks by the sea, or set up a deck chair and feel the sun on your face. The little shops are full of places to buy yummy toffee and traditional, creamy drinks.




Wales can be serene and tranquil if you pick the right place. It’s perfect for people who love to camp, as there are a number of places you can go, including the famous Shell Island. Make sure you have everything you need first though, as you don’t want to be left in the lurch! Wales is one of the most perfect places to get back to nature and enjoy life without technology for a while! Just don’t forget your hiking boots.


Liverpool might not have a beach, or all of the greenery that Wales has, but it’s still fantastic. You can have a completely different kind of break here. The shopping opportunities are some of the best in the country, so don’t forget to take some spending money. If you’re into vintage, this is the perfect place to shop for it! Not only that, you can do fun things like The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour.


You’ll never run out of things to do in a place like York. There are plenty of attraction and entertainment opportunities for you to enjoy. You have things like York Races, Clifford’s Tower and even the Shakespeare festival. Train enthusiasts will love the Railway Museum! Apart from that, you can take some lovely walks in the scenic gardens.

I hope you have an amazing weekend!

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