5 Tips for Throwing The Most Amazing BBQ Party This Summer

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you will know that I absolutely love summer; it’s most definitely my favourite season. Being able to relax in the sun with a good book and my favourite iced latte, while gently tanning – what’s not to love?

With just under a month until summer is officially here, there is a lot I need to start planning for; the first thing being a summer BBQ. This year I have decided to mark the start of summer with a big BBQ for all my closest friends and family.

I used to be pretty useless at planning events, but as I’ve got older, I’ve got a lot better at it. I’ve realised that there are two keys things for planning a successful event; these are good planning and fantastic organisation.

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In case you fancy throwing your own summer BBQ, I thought I would share all my best BBQ planning tips with you. Here they are:

  1.  Start with the basics

The key to organising a fantastic summer BBQ is to start with the basics. Think about how many guests you want to invite, the menu you will offer, and what entertainment you will have.

While you don’t have to plan every last detail, it’s important that you are organised. It’s fun to be spontaneous sometimes, but not when a whole BBQ is on the line.

  1. Add a twist to your menu

I, personally, love getting creative – especially with food. So, whenever I throw any kind of party, I always try and mix the menu up a little bit. For a BBQ, instead of simply serving the expected sausages and burgers, I like the idea of serving up a menu that’s more fun and unique.

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Things like tandoori chicken, sea bass fillets and grill steaks, always go down well. For side dishes, an avocado salad, Moroccan couscous, potato salad, curried coleslaw, as well as BBQ veggies, are ideal.

Before coming up with the menu for your BBQ, have a look online for some menu inspiration – Jamie Oliver always has some fantastic ideas.

  1. Go all out with entertainment

If you want to make your BBQ a success, don’t settle for second-rate entertainment. Go all out and research the best UK function bands for hire – a party isn’t a success without fantastic entertainment.

For me, as a hostess, one of the worst things would be my guests feeling bored. Obviously, everyone can talk to each other and mingle, but having some professional entertainment as well, is a fantastic way to liven up the night.

  1. Don’t forget to decorate

If you were planning an indoor party, you wouldn’t even think about not decorating, so why should a BBQ be any different? Don’t make the mistake of not decorating your garden for your BBQ – decorations are what give parties such a fun atmosphere.

Adding candles, fairy lights, and other colourful decorations to your yard is fun, easy and inexpensive. Popping a few decorations up around your yard will liven up the space and add a fun vibe to the evening.

  1. Make it fun

The most important thing to remember when organising a BBQ is that it should be a fun event – something that you, as well as all your guests, will enjoy.

While planning and organisation are important, don’t worry if every last detail doesn’t go to plan. Make sure the food is delicious, the music is blaring and everyone is having fun and your BBQ will be a success.

To throw the best summer BBQ ever, all you need to do is follow these five simple tips. Remember, the key to BBQ success is organisation and planning.

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