6 Gift Ideas To Treat The Foodie In Your Life

Buying gifts is an important part of life and celebrating the relationships we enjoy with loved ones. However, there are some friends and family...

Buying gifts is an important part of life and celebrating the relationships we enjoy with loved ones. However, there are some friends and family that can be extremely difficult to buy for. Foodies can be the worst!

We’ve all good food obsessed friends and family. There’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, we love them all the more because of this passion. Unfortunately, finding a heartfelt present that pays tribute to their biggest love can be difficult.

Buying the newest celebrity chef cookbook feel a little bland. Battle against those fears with these unique and fun ideas.



A Restaurant Voucher

In many cases, buying a voucher seems a little inadequate. However, when it comes to the foodie in your life it’s actually a great way to combine two things they love. Not only do they get to enjoy a wonderful meal, it’s also a promise to spend some time with you.

That’s the key to giving a voucher to your food loving friend. By being there as well, it’s a chance for you to enjoy their company while also displaying an active interest in their passion for life.

Believe us, they’ll definitely appreciate it. Just make note that McDonald’s does not count as a restaurant.

A Cooking Course

If your loved one is a true foodie then they don’t just love eating great food. They also love making it and by sending them on an evening course you can give them the opportunity to pick up new skills and meet new friends in an enjoyable environment.

Assuming they are already a competent cook, it’s best to treat them to a style of cooking they perhaps aren’t too familiar with. There’s no point in them going over a new ground. The purpose of this course is so that they can increase their cooking repertoire.

It’s a great present for them but could also bring great result for you too. Think of all those lovely meals they’ll be making to show off their new talents.

Grow Their Own

Even if they don’t want to learn new dishes, there’s a strong chance they enjoy cooking and they love to make their home as inviting as possible. Giving them a chance to grow their own food ingredients is a quirky idea that they’ll be sure to love.

Don’t just go and pick up a bag of seeds, though. Actually celebrate their love of cooking by buying specifically designed gifts for food lovers. That extra love and attention will go a long way.

In addition to celebrating their love of food, this can also cut down on their weekly shopping bills. It will also produce the freshest ingredients to give their meals an extra oomph. Those enhanced tastes are something any foodie would thank you for.

Chocolate, But Make It Fun

Most food lovers love chocolate. Scrap that. Everyone loves chocolate. It may be a slightly predictable present, but there are ways to inject a little fun into the gift.

We agree that buying a basic selection box is pretty bland and best saved for that second cousin you’ve never really liked. However, personalised or quirky designs are a great way to give them a tasty treat that breaks away from the norm.

Alternatively, give them a luxury hot chocolate gift set to provide the perfect end to their evenings. Either way, catering to their sweet tooth. Just don’t be boring with your present.

Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is the foodie’s habitat and giving it a more homely feel will definitely be appreciated by your loved one. Adding an extra sense of personality to theirs with wall art or other related items is a great option, especially if you know the types of ingredients they love.

They spend a lot of time in this part of the home so a reminder of your relationship is bound to cheer them up when doing the more boring tasks, such as peeling vegetables.

Similarly, you can always buy them the newest gadget or device to make their cooking easier. It might be worth snooping around to see what they already have though.

Washing Up Coupons

If the foodie happens to your partner, then a simple promise to do the washing up for X amount of time could be the best gift of all. Taking this job off their hands will give them time to catch up on TV, emails or other important things. It’s a little gesture that can go a long way.

Just be sure to buy a proper present too!

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