8 Mobile Apps Every Woman Needs in Her Life

There’s pretty much an app for everything nowadays. You can download an app that turns your heating on before you come home. You can download an app that works like a walkie-talkie. You can basically get an app for the weirdest and most wonderful of things. Unless you’ve got unlimited storage on your phone, chances are you don’t want to be downloading an app for everything. Right? So, to save you trawling through what’s hot and what’s not, we’ve put together a list. Here are the 8 mobile apps every woman needs in her life.



  1. Whatsapp

This one is a no-brainer. It means we can keep in touch with our friends wherever they are in the world. Plus, everyone should have at least one Whatsapp group conversation on the go. There’s nothing better than a group chat with all your mates. Especially if you live far away from each other.



  1. Social Media

All of the social media apps, please! We’re talking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Pinterest! If you don’t have all the social media apps then how do you expect to know what’s going on with everyone? If they’re giving you a headache, switch the notifications off.



  1. MyFitnessPal

As far as mobile app development goes, this could be one of the most simple yet most genius ideas out there. Track all of your food and exercises. Talk to other people who are also keeping track. You can even scan in the barcodes of what you’ve eaten! It’s the perfect way to get fit and healthy.



  1. Evernote

Most women have a billion ideas on the go at once. Whether it’s about work, decorating the house or planning family life. Evernote lets you keep all of those ideas in one place. You can then access those ideas wherever you are. Evernote also lets you ‘clip’ things from the internet to save for later.



  1. Headspace

If all the social media notifications and making notes is leaving you a little bit worn out, try this app. Headspace has been designed to bring a little bit of mindfulness into people’s lives. Each session takes just 10 minutes, so you don’t need loads of spare time to try it out. Plus, that man’s voice is incredibly soothing…



  1. Sleep Time

Make sure you’re getting a decent night’s sleep and waking up gently, with Sleep Time. You set what time you want to be woken up by and this clever alarm will do the hard work for you. It’ll slowly start trying to wake you up within half hour or your designated time. It also monitors your movements so you can keep track of how well you sleep. Everyone needs their beauty sleep!



  1. Period Diary

It may gross men out, but it’s a fact of life for us women. This app is great if you’re trying to get pregnant, but it has other uses too. Find out when you’re due for the next 12 months – perfect for booking your holiday around Mother Nature! There’s even a forum to talk about… periods, we guess.



  1. Circle of 6

This app won numerous awards for its dedication to safety for women. Choose six trusted friends who will be there for you if you get into a risky situation. You can then notify them of your exact location, just by tapping twice. This is a must-have for nights out. Keep safe ladies!

Do you have all of these apps yet? If not, it’s time to fill that iPhone up!


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