Time for the Soaps to retire?


With more and more amazing TV shows like Lost, Dirt and Studio 60 hitting our screens from the US, are we really still happy to watch good ol’ British Soap Operas?

There seems to be a TV trend at the moment for “cult” shows and less and less of us actually care about the likes of Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Eastenders.

Are we turning into a society that feels it is superior to the suburbs of Manchester or East London………could this be the end of what were once the nations favourite teatime shows?

There was once a time, back in the days when Ken Barlow was a strapping young lad, that British Soaps were the staple part of UK TV. They formed bonds between families who sat down to watch them together, getting involved with the trials and tribulations of another, yet similar world to their own.

For years and years, they have continued to be a huge part of the British way of life, with their very own dedicated awards show giving prizes to actors, actresses and writers alike.

The bubble has got bigger and bigger, and is now fit to burst. We are a nation of TV lovers, nothing can dispute that…… but we want something more. We need the suspense of Lost, the grit of Dirt and the humour of Studio 60. Are UK soaps past their best before? Well if not, they are certainly nearing retirement age……. how much longer will they live on?

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