Britney to resurrect career with new single


Britney Spears has been well and truly in the media spotlight over recent months for all the wrong reasons. So will her new “come-back” single Gimme More do enough to resurrect the once infamous career of our pop princess?

A marriage which lasted 48 hours, another which has broken to pieces, wild nights out wearing practically nothing and a custody battle over your children……… is this really the innocent girl who wowed us with her early singles? Britney needs something big, something amazing and something positive to happen……. cue her new single!

Gimme More is a classic Britney track with a good dance beat, high pitched lyrics and catchy tune. With hints of “Slave For You” and “My Prerogative” it’s the ideal driving tune, for a sunny summer afternoon.

The single described as an “up beat dance track” is released for radio play on the 5th September, but Britney has given exclusive preview play rights to New York radio station Z-100 who released the song on their website on 30th August.

Aside form this official launch, various renditions of the track have found their way on to You Tube, so Gimme More is well and truly in the public domain.

Britney needs this single to be the best ever to raise her up from the dark depths of her broken marriage, wild nights on the town and the custody battle over her children.

Can she still be our princess of pop?

Everyone has difficult times, and for those in the media spotlight it must be even more difficult to know how to deal with the traumas of day to day life.

The single is fun, catchy and young – just what Britney needs to reassure her fans that she is just the same person who got dressed up in a school uniform and paraded around to “Baby One More Time” back in 1999. Eight years on, she is older and hopefully wiser……. This had to be a cracker of a single and hand on heart, I think she’s done it!!

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