A Burst of Japanese Spa.


I came across this wonderful little product by Imperial Leather when the Japanese Spa Limited Edition Foam Burst caught my eye in the supermarket due to it’s pretty packaging.  This is such a wonderful idea, and beats the normal day to day shower-gel hands down!

The product itself is used in the same way as a standard shower gel, in that you rub it into the skin whilst you are in the shower, but this is so much more exciting than that!  It foams up into the an incredibly creamy lather and bubbles in a similar way to which shaving foan does, and you only need the smallest of amounts for your whole body.

The best thing about this item, in my opinion is that you can use it like a shaving foam at the same time, so you can quickly shaving your legs whilst lathering up for a good shower at the sametime!  You will be surprised at how moisturised your skin feels after use, and for the rest of the day to come….it really does do what it says on the tin!

This particular scent, is a limited edition, and very different from many of the other Foam Bursts available.  Entitled “Japanese Spa” it has very relaxing, almost herbal aroma with bursts of flowers.

The packaging is very eye catching with a Japanese style design to work with the limited edition theme. The product itself is dispensed from a pressurised can, meaning you only release the small amount needed.

The whole experience of using this product is a very positive one, but if I were to find any disadvantages at all, it would have to be that you are not able to “hang” it up in the shower like you can with most standard shower gels as the packaging is not designed to allow this.

Overall, Girlie Gossip gives this product 4 out of 5 stars and recommends it to any girl who loves to smell great and enjoy her shower experience!

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