A Guide to Getting Ready for a Special Event

Getting ready for a special event can be scary but exciting at the same time. Depending on the event, you’re probably looking forward to getting dressed up and having a good time! However, if you don’t do this often, the idea of dolling up can be a little daunting. This guide will give you some great tips on getting ready for the event, so you can relax:

Start in Advance

Don’t leave it too late before you start getting ready. Start getting ready in advance. I usually start at least a few days before, prepping my hair and nails to make them look their best. The day before I’ll remove all unwanted hair and wash my hair to make sure it stays in my chosen style.

Do Some Research/Practice

If you don’t have any idea what hair or makeup you’re going to go for, do some research on YouTube and then practice the techniques. Don’t try them on the day without ever doing them before. It’ll only end in tears!

Leave Some Things to the Professionals

If you want nice nails but you don’t feel confident doing them yourself, go to a professional. They’ll look so much better. You might think nobody will notice that you have polish all over your fingers, but they will. If you feel a nice salon treatment will make a difference to your look, then treat yourself. It is a special event after all!

Keep the Dress Code in Mind

Make sure you know the dress code. Usually, this will be on an invite or you can simply ask the person who invited you. Bearing this in mind will ensure you haven’t gone OTT or worse, dressed down.



Always Accessorize

Always accessorize for a special event. If it’s really special, you can go for laser inscribed diamonds. Make sure you take your neckline and hairstyle into account, as they can play a part in which accessories look good and which don’t. Statement rings can look amazing whatever you wear, and earrings are must. You want to go for a sophisticated, classy look with your accessories. There’s a fine line between that and looking like you’re playing dress up.

Pre-empt Wardrobe Malfunctions

Try on your outfit in advance and pre-empt any malfunctions. For instance, does your bra look right with the outfit? Or can you see your straps? This won’t do for a special event! Make sure you pay attention to the small details and think about things that could go wrong so you’re well prepared. You’ll look so much better if you do this!

For this event, don’t try to be something that you’re not for the sake of it. Look your best, but don’t feel like you have to have huge hair and lots of makeup on to fit in. Do yourself up to make yourself feel special and like you’re going somewhere nice. Don’t worry about what others think and you’ll be fine! Confidence is the most important thing to have at a special event. Have fun!


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