A Step By Step Guide to Thicker Hair!

OK, you want thicker hair. Getting thicker hair is easier said than done. You want your hair to be bouncy, and full, but not...

OK, you want thicker hair. Getting thicker hair is easier said than done. You want your hair to be bouncy, and full, but not so thick that you can’t do anything with it. This guide can help you! Follow these steps and watch your hair transform from dull to full in a matter of minutes!

Step 1 – Wash With Volumising Products

You need to start off by washing your hair with volumizing products. Make sure you don’t shampoo too much, or your hair will be too clean to style. Using too much conditioner can make your hair greasy too, so use in moderation. You’ll probably need to test out a few brands before you find one that you love. Some can be very expensive, so bear that in mind!

Step 2 – Towel Dry

Don’t start drying your hair right away. Instead, give it a rough towel dry. You don’t want to get it too dry this way, as you still need to apply products to your damp hair. Do it until your hair is just damp. Remember to be careful, as you don’t want to damage your hair.

Step 3 – Prep the Hair for Drying

This is probably the most important part; the prepping! The products you apply now will affect how your hair looks later. You should use multiple products, but again, it’ll depend on what suits your hair and suitable brands. Use a hair oil for shine, and a volume mousse to add lift to the roots. You should always use a heat protector too!



Step 4 – Blow Dry Upside Down

Blow drying the hair upside down encourages it to lift at the route, so do that until it’s nearly completely dry. I also like to flip my hair from side to side and direct hair in the opposite direction.

Step 5 – Use a Large Brush to Finish

When you’re nearly done, use a large brush to create lift and bounce. This can be difficult, so you may need to practice.

Step 6 – Volumising Powder/Spray

Although your hair is clean, you may like to use a volumising powder or spray to add even more volume and staying power. Dry shampoo is great; direct it at the route and then use your fingers to work it in. At this point, you can also use products like Toppik to disguise thinning hair.

Step 7 – Backcomb at the Root

If you really want your volume and lift to last all day, backcomb at the root. There are different brushes and combs for this, so do your research. Make sure you backcomb in layers, and hairspray as you go. The idea is to get lift at the crown, not at the sides. You also need to smooth it out nicely so it doesn’t look like you’ve been dragged through a bush.

Step 8 – Spray

Finally, finish with a strong hold hairspray! If you want more movement, pick a flexible hairspray.

Ready for thicker hair? Use these tips and enjoy!


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