Accentuating your Eyes with the Right Cosmetics

Eye Makeup Tips and Hints

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and judging by the number of love songs written about our peepers, they certainly play a big part in other people’s perception of us. Whether meeting a stranger for the first time or conversing with a friend we have known for years, the eyes are usually the focus of our attention, and can often tell us more about how that person is thinking or feeling than the words coming out of their mouths.


Choosing the right colours and types of makeup and cosmetics can help to draw attention to our eyes, and bring out the natural beauty of their colour and shape. But applying any sort of makeup is a fine art, and getting it wrong can mean you end up looking more like a panda than a stunner. Here are a few key tips to help you maximise the impact of your eyes without going overboard.


1. Create the right base

Before you apply anything to your eyes, make sure the area is prepped for colour. Foundations shouldn’t be applied to the sensitive eye area, so go for a flesh-toned eye colour base that is specifically designed for the job.


2. Outline for impact

Use an eyeliner pencil to enhance your eyes, working from the inner corner to the outer. The line should gradually get thicker as it progresses along the upper lash line. Liquid eyeliners and gels can be tricky to apply, and can flake or chip, so stick to pencil for this precision job.


3. Shade in the crease

Use a darker shade of eye shadow or even a blended pencil to add depth and shadow to the crease of your eye socket. Apply it along the line of the brow bone and then blend outwards to the corners of the eyes to create a V shape, which will open and lift the eyes.


4. Layer for long-lasting effect

Adding layers of similar colours with gel liner, eye shadow and powders, will help to make your make up last all day and well into the night, instead of disappearing within minutes of application.


5. Add shimmer and shine

Once you have a good depth of shadow in the crease, use a bright, shimmering colour on the eyelid to set off the darkness of the shadow and to give your look some zing. Pale pinks and creams work well with any eye colour, or for a stunning evening look, go for something bright that coordinates with your outfit.


6. Curl for drama

Eyelash curlers are not just for celebrities. Crimping your eyelashes close to the roots helps to tame unruly hairs and make your eyes look bigger. Do this prior to applying mascara to encourage them to curl up, then apply mascara patiently and precisely to stop lashes becoming clumped.


7. Highlight around the eye

Make your eyes really stand out by using a translucent concealer or highlighter around the eye area. Banish your dark shadows under the eye and apply a little to the area just under your eyebrows for maximum impact.


8. Love your lenses

If you are a glasses wearer, learn to love the framing effect your glasses have on well made-up eyes. If you prefer to go without glasses, contacts can have a brightening effect on your natural eye colour, but be aware that your eyes may water more than usual, so usewaterproof mascara.


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