Alice Howard Interview

Here is our interview with  Alice Howard about Becoming Vegetarian, avoiding animal tested products and ditching fur …

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GirlieGossip: Did you never before think about fur being cruel considering you have been involved in cruelty free beauty etc. for years

Alice: I admit and hold my hands up, that I did know that wearing fur was not the politically correct thing to do. I am totally ashamed of my actions, but people make mistakes. I have been a natural beauty PR for years, and would never ever use any beauty or skincare items on my body that had been tested on animals, and would only encourage people to use brands that have only been TESTED ON HUMANS!!
Back in March I was invited by a good friend of mine Rajasana Otiende founder of Lifescape Magazine ( to attend an event at The Murry Foundation (, a well established global animal protection charity. This enlightened me, as I witnessed a room full of people seated amongst A-list stars, donating money towards the foundation. Visually, it was quite scary watching how animals were sacrificed for fashion on the tv monitors. Tears, soon filled me up watching this, as I looked around the room, all faces matched mine. I was so touched by this warm presence, I knew that I could make a difference also, and help to create awareness but in a different fashion. What I want to make clear is that I am being totally honest, my actions in the past were ignorant, and I now know this. At that time I was wrapped up in a beauty bubble. It took my friend, and Adam Murry amongst others to burst that bubble.

GirlieGossip: How did you end up giving up meat before fur?

Alice: I never really was a real meat eater, and my family were not into eating meat also. I am strong minded character, and if I am passionate about not making the same mistakes again, I won’t. I stick to my word. I won’t ever eat meat or wear fur again. And that’s a promise!

GirlieGossip: Do you think many people involved in the fashion/glamour world still need to learn about the cruelty of the fur industry.

Alice: Absolutely YES! I am no supermodel, Just someone who wants to highlight how greed and vanity can destroy the world. Remember the time when all the supermodel grouped together against
wearing fur, that was great! What happened? Today you pick up fashionable mags, and are drawn immediately to the very same supermodel wearing fur. I would go naked for fur! I know that if you watched how fur is made into fashion garments, it would be gruesome and unbearable to watch. But maybe this is necessary to make changes.

GirlieGossip: How do you feel since you have given it up.

Alice: I feel that I have been to REHAB!

GirlieGossip: Would you ever turn back.

Alice: NO. This is a new life for me and will NEVER turn back and I invite those who also want to come out of the fur closet to join me, and place their items on

GirlieGossip: How have your friends reacted.

Alice: Now that’s a question! Some are ok, and are proud of what I am doing. Other’s are strictly against the fact that I won’t be joining the fur-brigade this year! I know, that once they see how committed I am to not wearing fur ever again, and how unfashionable, and unacceptable it is to wear fur, they will soon see the green light, and follow fashion!

GirlieGossip: Do you know what kind of clothes you are going to replace it with? – faux or something completely different

Alice: My winter wardrobe will be a combination of the latest ethical fashion. Stella McCartney has got some gorgeous items I will be looking at, also have you seen the collection at Top Shop! I also would like to hear from designers that may like to point me in their direction too, so do let me know.

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