Alice Howard Real Life Story

What you’re about to read is a – Real Life Story, about a savvy city girl…… no scrap that I was actually not going to give my name.

This is a story about me and written by me. My name is Alice Howard, I am a natural beauty PR and journalist who is devoted to style, beauty, fashion and glamour. Oh, and I forgot to mention the fact that after 35 years, in March this year I have given up eating meat and now have become vegetarian, and life is going well.I managed to alter my life so dramatically through my friend Rajasana who is a firm veggie, thanks Raj.

Having been a person who always picked up a beauty/skin care product ad reading the label first, so I could understand were the product came from, to check if it was tested on animals, how the ingredients were sourced was all BIG ISSUE for me, and still is.
I would only use beauty items that were tested on humans and

NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. This also effected my work, and I would not work with those who were not organic, natural, and earth and animal friendly. My skincare all had to be ethical before I slapped it on my face or body.

MY influence has rubbed off on my friends and family too, they would ask me what are the best brands out there that are not tested on animals.

All sounds good, yes I know…. The only trouble is (and I know I am going to upset people now when I write this), now that I am proud to say I have cleared up my act, and I am nearly ethically CLEAN, I need to open up and come out of the closet so to speak…. I WAS A FUR ADDICT! Stop shouting at me, I know I am ashamed and I’m sorry, but please hear me out.

Being surrounded by glamour, and style and locked in a beauty bubble I did not realise until today that you did not have to wear glamorous items (like fur) to have style and be chic.

In my line of work, who have to be trendy and with the times, it’s just like being a size zero, and we know how unfashionable that is!! Never mind size zero, I was starting to feel like a crappy zero, if I carried on wearing fur on my back. Ok I admit it, I did stay up all night trying to win bids for the fur on eBay, I put my hands up to it….

I want to set the record straight…. I am not saying that I’m about to walk naked down Oxford Circus, wearing high slinky shoes, holding a sign post saying join me – NO MORE FUR FOR ME!!!! (even though some might like to see that, get that picture straight out of your head).

What this is about is creating awareness again. I work in the beauty industry, and on a Friday night I touch shoulders with celeb’s, who sometimes I spot wearing an item of fur. Fur should be seen only on cute animals and not on the backs of the fashionable set. I mean even the fashion police are not ranting and raving about this issue anymore. The funny thing is that no one said a WORD to me! Anytime I did wear an item of fur.
I even went to trendy veggie haunts, and sat amongst the A-list crowd wearing fur, and no one battered an eye lid! Was it because I’m not famous enough, is that why no-one mentioned the fur?!

What I did was so ‘FAUX PAX’ and I know that there are so many, many, many people out there making the same mistake like I did and not not coming clean, and stepping out of the closet.

Admitting the truth was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I felt like I had been to REHAB!

Now I am 100% dedicated to my new life, and will never wear a piece of fur again.

What I plan to do with the furry items is to send a clothing package to a Romanian charity for the winter. I could walk into a charity shop on the high street and hand these fur items over (jackets, coats, waistcoats, gloves and boots) the only issue with that, is that now that I am against wearing fur, someone will pick these up and pay to have these on their backs, then it will start all over again.
I don’t want to encourage people to wear fur, I don’t want the fur issue on my back or on my conscience anymore, let me give it to someone who deserves to be warm, and is not concerned about fashion or vanity.


I invite you to join me and donate fur packages to poor worldwide countries. Place these items on this site and maybe we can clothe families for at least a month throughout winter!.
This is not a PR stunt, I am being honest, I was once a fashion victim, with no fashion sense at all.
With so many designer labels now offering fake fur, I won’t be going down the real fur route again! you can have beauty without cruelty, and have fashion without cruelty too!

Stop being so vain and lets get together for a good cause!


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