Chocolate Alternative Easter Gift Ideas For Him

◎ Easter Gift Guide for Him ◎ ▸▸▸ Handmade Leather Wallet ◂◂◂ FalconBespoke  are a small independent business based right here in the UK. They make the...

◎ Easter Gift Guide for Him ◎

▸▸▸ Handmade Leather Wallet ◂◂◂

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FalconBespoke  are a small independent business based right here in the UK. They make the most beautiful leather wallets and bags etc, perfect for the modern man. They started their business in 2015 and started to sell their products on Etsy in Summer 2016. If you are looking for an alternative Easter gift for the men in your life, then look no further.

The first wallet that you can see, (pictured on the left,) is a handmade real cowhide distressed leather wallet. It is a dark oak brown with contrasting hand stitching. It comes in its own gift box too. The quality of this product is exceptional, it is a luxury item, and for the price, you can’t go wrong.

The second wallet, (pictured right,) is again beautifully handmade and is a lighter brown than the previous. It is crafted with the best cowhide leather available and is strong and durable. Both of these wallets will wear in rather than wear out, simply getting better with age.

▸▸▸BRAUN Body Grooming Kit◂◂

The Braun 3 in 1 Grooming Kit is the perfect alternative easter gift for those men in your life who require a little maintenance! The trimmer is very versatile and has four different attachments to use. The first is a shaving head, the second an epilator head. Then, a trimmer head for designing your stubble which is a great way to keep things fresh. The finally, a cap for those sensitive areas such as your armpit and chest hair.

The close-grip technology allows hair as short as 0.5mm to be removed and the lasting rechargeable battery ensures that you will never be far from a close shave. This is not only a great product but it looks good as well, with a smooth, clean, white finish. It even comes with its own travel bag. All in all a great addition to any man’s grooming collection.

▸▸▸ Lush Dirty Spray ◂◂◂

Dirty Body Spray from Lush could be the perfect alternative Easter gift. It is a light spray fragrance, with spearmint, sandalwood and herbal essential oils. It can be used all over the body. This product offers a lovely fresh alternative to the usual chemical and unnatural scent of men’s products.

The spearmint is refreshing and invigorating which helps to clear the mind and cool the skin. The sandalwood and lavender add floral and woody notes, and overall the scent is simply gorgeous. You can spritz the spray directly onto your skin, or must into the air and twirl.

▸▸▸Dinosaur Egg Cups◂◂◂

These dinosaur egg cups from Red Candy are so cool. They would make an awesome Easter gift! There are three different egg cups available, the Diplodocus, the T-Rex and the Triceratops, each one a different colour. So make your Easter breakfast, and all breakfasts to come the highlight of your day with the ‘egg-cellent egg cups.’

The funky origami design would make an unusual gift for all dinosaur lovers, or film buffs, or basically, anyone who has a desire for something a little different. The egg cups are made with porcelain and they all have their own matching gift box. Which are, (arguably) just as cool as egg cups themselves.

Dimensions: (in cm)

Diplodocus: 14 x 10 x 10 / T-Rex: 15 x 12 x 12 / Triceratops: 13 x 6 x 6


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