Amazing Gift Ideas to Celebrate Someone’s Faith

When you give a gift to someone you love, you may want to give them something that recognizes and celebrates their faith. Whether you’re buying them something for a religious occasion, for their birthday or just because, there are hundreds of gift ideas to choose from. Occasions such as Christmas and Easter, which come around every year, can be tough to choose for after a few years. And then there are significant events in their journey through their faith, from christening to confirmation. If you struggle for gift ideas, try some of these.


Religious jewelry can be a fantastic gift for many occasions, for both people in the Christian faith or belonging to another religion. Every religion has its meaningful symbols, words and figures, which people like to carry around with them. If you’re buying a gift for a Christian friend or family member, there are a number of options. Many people will appreciate a new rosary, especially on a special occasion. But to avoid gifting them with something they already own many versions of, you can be a bit more creative. One of the favorite jewelry gifts for a lot of people is these religious medals for sale. People enjoy having a pendant as a protective charm. Perhaps it could feature Jesus, Mother Mary or a patron saint, so they know God is always watching over them.


Books are also another excellent option if you’re looking for religious gifts. Of course, you don’t always have to give someone a book that’s directly about their religion. But if they enjoy exploring their faith through the views of others, they will appreciate a new book. For special occasions, a new Bible (or relevant religious text) could be appropriate too. But for birthdays, Christmas and other events, it’s best to stick to other books. Otherwise, they could end up with 20 different Bibles! You might choose something on theology, or you could buy them a fiction novel with a religious or faithful theme.

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You might also consider music as a gift, but of course it’s best to remember that everyone has eclectic tastes. There is a broad range of music that people might consider religious, from soul and gospel to Christian rock. So if you want to buy them a new album, it’s best to know what they like first. If they’re musical themselves, you might think about buying them sheet music as an alternative.

Gifts for Monumental Occasions

Each religion also has significant events in a person’s life, so you’ll often find you need gifts for these occasions too. For example, you may need to buy something for a christening or confirmation. When you’re stuck for ideas, it’s best to look at traditional presents. Silver is a popular gift for christenings, whether in the form of a cup, rattle or bracelet. Some traditional confirmation gifts include saint medals, Bibles and rosaries.

Even when you have a definite theme for your gifts, it’s still difficult to choose the right thing. Remember that whatever you choose should celebrate the person’s faith, and not just be a beautiful material possession.

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