Amazing Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Do you know a car enthusiast that you need to buy a gift for? Whether it’s their birthday, Christmas, or you just want to...

Do you know a car enthusiast that you need to buy a gift for? Whether it’s their birthday, Christmas, or you just want to do something nice for them, there are a whole host of gifts you can choose from. Take a look at some of these amazing gifts for car enthusiasts and see if you find something suitable:

A Personalised Number Plate

If you have a substantial budget to play with and you want to get this car enthusiast something extra special, how about a personalised number plate for their car? There should be a lot of options available that they’ll like, some much more expensive than others. However, there will usually be something that suits your budget – this can be a really great way of helping them to personalise their car.

Personalised Key Fob

If your budget doesn’t stretch as far as a personalised number plate, how about a personalised key fob? You can have these made in leather and engraved with a name or phrase that means a lot to them. This is one way they can dress up their car key in style! There are many other kinds of keyfobs too, from swarovski crystal to bright and colourful. Pick one based on their personality.

An Experience Day

Sometimes, you just can’t beat an experience day to make a car enthusiast happy! Look into exotic car rental to see what suits your budget and whether there’s anything there that the car enthusiast would like. They could spend the day driving a Ferrari or even a Lamborghini. Just make sure you speak to somebody there first and read the fine print. If there are any driving offences to take into account, they may not be able to take part.

A Leather BMW Keycase

What better way to keep your keys safe than with a leather BMW key case? This is definitely one of if not the most stylish way to store one’s car keys. Something like this could make quite a sentimental gift. They’ll never lose their keys again!



Air Fresheners

A cheap and cheerful gift that will still come in handy – air fresheners. Every car needs a new air freshener every now and again to freshen it up and make it smell like new. There are some really luxury fresheners available these days that make great gifts.


If you know this person likes to modify their car, how about some car stickers? Be careful though, as stickers you find attractive may not be to your friend’s taste. Take a look at any they have currently to get an idea for things they might like.

Luxury Car Cleaning Equipment

Luxury car cleaning equipment can produce an extra shiny result on any car and make the job so much easier. If you know this person takes pride in their vehicle, quality equipment like this will always be appreciated.

Ready to go shopping for your car enthusiast friend now? Hopefully this guide gave you a little inspiration. Leave any ideas of your own below. Happy shopping!

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