Are You Taking Your Best Friend For Granted? 7 Simple Ways To Show Her You Care

If you are lucky enough to have one friend who means more to you than anyone else, you need to show them that. Sometimes,...

If you are lucky enough to have one friend who means more to you than anyone else, you need to show them that. Sometimes, when you meet new people and make new friends, you can neglect the ones who have been there all along. Your best girlfriend is the one person in the world who you can trust with any secret – big or small. She is there for you when times get tough, and she is brave enough to tell you when you are wrong. If you can’t remember the last time you did something special for your bestie, read these simple things. They are sure to bring a smile to her face.

  1. Send her a happy playlist

Sometimes, we all have days when we feel down. Believe it or not, your bestie will have times when she is not the happy bundle of joy you know and love. When she is having a bad day, she needs something that will help pick her up. Go on Spotify or YouTube and create a happy playlist that you can share with her. Choose ultra joyful songs so that they cheer her up.


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  1. Write her a letter

The art of letter writing is something that few people bother with these days. If the two of you live in different cities, you probably text and message on Facebook all the time. Why not mix things up a little and write your friend a letter? You can fit so much more in a letter than you can in an instant message, and so this is the perfect way to reconnect with your bestie.

  1. Notice when something is wrong

You know your friend better than anyone else, and so you can tell when something is up with her. Even though she says she is fine, you can tell when something is not quite right. If you think she might be holding something back from you, let her know that you are there to listen to her problems and help her solve them.

  1. Buy her a gift just because

You usually buy your best friend a gift on her birthday and at Christmas. If you see something she would like right now, you should just go ahead and buy it for her. Take a look at for some gift inspiration. If there is something that you know she will adore, don’t wait to give it to her. Surprise her with a present the next time you see her, and watch how happy it makes her.

  1. Cook her a delicious dinner

If you are a dab hand in the kitchen, you can use that skill to show people that you care about them. What is your best friend’s favourite meal? Invite her over for the evening and surprise her by making her some delicious home cooked food. You could make a three-course meal, including a starter, main and dessert. She will love it!

  1. At your next meal, get the bill

If you tend to go out for dinner a lot with your friend, you will usually split the cost, right? That seems fair, but next time, why don’t you surprise her by paying the entire bill? When the check comes, just say, “I’ll get this one.” If she asks you why, all you need to do is explain that you value her, and you wanted to treat her to dinner.

  1. Give her a copy of your favorite book

For the most part, reading is a private activity. When you can share your passion for literature with someone else, though, it is a beautiful thing. If you have a favorite book that you know she will love, give her a copy of it. There is something intimate about sharing a novel with someone, and this gesture will strengthen your bond.

Friendships are a little like flowers. When you fail to nurture them, they wilt away and die. If you give them all the attention they need, though, they will bloom and be more glorious than you ever imagined. Take the time to tend to your friendship so that it grows stronger than ever!

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