Artistic Careers for Creative Women

If you have an artistic flair, you might be interested in using your skills for your career. A lot of artists want to have their work displayed in galleries and make a living from that alone. But the truth is that it’s very difficult to build a career just on showing and selling your art. Most artists need to have another career as a backup to support themselves while they try to build their reputation. You may not even want to have a career as an independent artist. Instead, you can put all your talent and skill toward a regular day job. Here are some of the jobs you might be interested in if you love art.

Graphic Design Artist

You might be a talented artist, but are you good with computers? If you are, learning about graphic design could come naturally to you. You would learn to use a number of different pieces of software, as well as tools such as drawing tablets. This career could allow you to work in a number of industries, working on anything ranging from website images to band merchandise. A lot of graphic design artists set up their own business to work as a freelance professional.


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Tattoo Artist

Some media are unique to work with, and you don’t get much more unique than drawing on skin. If you’re interested in tattoos, anyone can train to be a tattoo artist. However, they don’t let you start practicing on human skin right away! You can find out about what a training programme is like at As well as learning about different styles of drawing, you also need to know about safety and hygiene. Tattooing isn’t just about the art, as there are needles and other equipment involved.

Theatre, Film and TV Artists

If you love different art forms, you could consider working in film or theatre. There are several roles that you could perform on the sets of plays, movies and TV programmes. For example, you could design sets or costumes for stage plays. Make up artists don’t just apply a bit of foundation and lipstick to a soap actor’s face. They can do all kinds of things, from dramatic catwalk looks to fantastical creations for sci-fi performances.

Arts Journalist

A career in art doesn’t necessarily involve making art. If you enjoy keeping up with the latest happenings in the art world, you might enjoy being a journalist. Major newspapers, blogs and magazines all feature articles about artists and shows. You could write reviews for gallery exhibitions or insightful articles about the latest trends.


Some art enthusiasts never leave the world of education. If you get an arts degree, you might decide to continue with a master’s or PhD in your chosen subject. You could teach at universities and publish academic papers, as well as working on your own art. It’s an excellent way to remain immersed in the art world.

If you want to pursue and artistic career, you have plenty of options. You can use your enthusiasm and talent for art in a number of different ways to help you make a living.


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