How to Transform Your Attic Into a Child’s Bedroom

Many homes have attics that are perfectly usable spaces that can even be turned into an extra bedroom for a child. If that is...

Many homes have attics that are perfectly usable spaces that can even be turned into an extra bedroom for a child. If that is the case in your property and you want to transform your attic into your child’s bedroom, there are certain steps that you should follow and certain things that you should keep in mind in order to ensure the process will go smoothly and your child will love the results. Check out the tips below to get started.


Natural Light 
The problem with an attic is that there may not be a lot of natural light currently coming into the room. If that is the case, whether there are no windows at all or the existing window is too small, see if you can add a larger window or an additional window. Then enhance and modernise the windows with products from This will ensure that your child won’t have to solely rely on artificial light, and that he or she will benefit from natural light during the day.


Hire an Electrician
In order to figure out if your existing electric panel actually has enough room for extra breakers, and to determine if the electric panel could actually handle the additional load that will occur when you set up the attic bedroom, consult with a licensed electrician. Provided that the electric system could handle the demands of your attic bedroom, you can also ask for assistance with actually running the wires to the attic.


Add a Ceiling Fan
For even more climate control in the attic, you can simply add a ceiling fan to the space. Your child can use it to stay cool during the warmer months of the year, and you can reverse the direction that the blades spin in the winter in order to push warm air down when it gets cold.


Stick with a White Colour Scheme
White is a great colour for any bedroom, including a child’s bedroom, but it is particularly helpful in smaller attic bedrooms where there is not enough space or light for darker hues to work. But rather than going with a bright white paint colour, try warmer varieties like cream and ivory. You can always add pops of colour with your child’s bedding, décor, and other accessories throughout the space.


Insulate the Roof
In terms of climate control, the attic could be a difficult room in your home to work with. But if you spend a little bit more money on spray-foam roof insulation, you should love the results. This type of insulation will cost more than fibreglass alternatives, but it will be a lot more effective at keeping heat inside your home because it will form a tight air barrier. This will translate to a comfortable child and a lower energy bill each month.
By incorporating the simple tips above into your attic bedroom design, you can create a cosy, comfortable, kid-friendly space for your child to call their own.

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