Awesome Gift Ideas In Silver

For this season, the look has to be silver. Whether it’s fashion, accessories, decor, ornaments or cars, silver is the hot colour to choose....

For this season, the look has to be silver. Whether it’s fashion, accessories, decor, ornaments or cars, silver is the hot colour to choose. This iconic colour goes so well with every other colour and material, no wonder it’s such a winner. Silver gifts are winners for friends and family too. Here are some great gift ideas where only silver will do:

Photo frames – Nothing beats silver for framing that gorgeous portrait. Whether you choose a brushed steel effect or sterling silver polished to a shine, the colour is perfect for photos. The best thing about using sterling silver is that you can have it personalised. Engraved photo frames make fantastic gifts all year round. Choose them for an anniversary present, or pop a picture of you and your parents in for Mother’s Day.

Jewellery – Light costume jewellery in a shiny, chrome finish is trending right now. It looks good in the clubs, and it looks good in the office. Silver truly is a very versatile colour and goes with anything you wear. For high-end jewellery, it has to be sterling silver. Hoop earrings combined with a silver charm bracelet work well together for a casual outfit. As a gift, you can’t go wrong with a charm. Pick something that means something to the recipient. For example, if your friend just had a baby, then a baby charm or even a pram charm will be perfect.


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Purses – Purses, wallets and handbags in silver look great no matter what they are paired with. While silver or mirror sequins may be overkill for the office, they look great on your purse in the club. There are even some great mobile phone cases in silver right now. Choose a shiny chrome type finish, or something a little more brushed looking. Don’t forget to check which phone your friend has if it’s a gift!

Home decor – Silver door handles and cupboard door knobs are very popular right now. They give a metallic flavour to the room. They also complement the modern style and minimalist style really well. Find some silver cubes, spheres and pyramid ornaments to display around the room. They’ll catch the light and reflections beautifully to create amazing colour. They make incredible gifts too.

Fashion – Silvers and greys look set to be the hot colour for the Autumn and Xmas period. They seem so muted, but add them to incredible fabrics that move and layer, and you’ve got the recipe for success. Greys and silvers have so many different tones and shades. They also work really well with any colour in combination. Black, white and grey with a hint of shimmering silver could be just the look you’re looking for. Wraps and cardigans, in particular, make great gifts. Alternatively, aim for an all-weather scarf.

Manicure sets that include a bottle of metallic or glitter silver varnish are popular gifts. So are silver kitchen accessories like biscuit tins. There are plenty of great gift ideas out there, whatever time of year it is. Pick one in silver for a winning gift.


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