If you and your family have been invited to a Christening, it’s a great opportunity to go shopping for some awesome new outfits. If you’ve not been to a Christening before, don’t panic. It’s not anything too alien, and it’s a great excuse to get dressed up. And if you’re about to become a Godparent, congratulations! It’s an important role to take on.

If the Christening is due to take place in a church, you might want to consider wearing a hat. It’s not essential, but what a great excuse to buy one! Just like a wedding, you can choose a fascinator, or something more formal. Blacks and whites are best avoided, but the two together can work brilliantly.

Your kids should also dress up smartly. After all, the parents of the baby being Christened will want lots of great photos. And kids look really cute in formal outfits! A Christening is a family event, so you don’t need to be too harsh on them if they’re running around and playing during the ceremony. If your kids would like to hold the baby, check they know how to do so safely.

Girls are looking really cute in bows and frills this season. You can even accessorise with cute bow hair bands. And what little boy wouldn’t make you smile wearing a mini three-piece suit? Add a bow tie and every woman will be putty in his hands! Shoes are tricky for kids. It won’t appear too out of place if they are wearing their regular shoes. After all, you don’t always have the budget for a special pair they’ll only wear once.


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For grownups, the up-do looks stunning with most hats. Choose earrings to suit your face shape, although drops usually look gorgeous. The type of dress you would wear to a wedding will be ideal for a Christening too. Churches can be really cold, though, so add a cute wrap, shawl, or jacket.

It is traditional to give personalised christening gifts after the ceremony. There is often a buffet party after the formal celebration so that would be the ideal place to present your gift. Sometimes it’s a good idea to get all the kids a little something. You can usually get a quick cuddle with the newborn and a photo too. There could be a lot of people there, but it’s usually very informal. The kids can play, and you can mingle. Alcohol is usually served, and there may be a few toasts for the new arrival and his parents.

If your partner is also coming, then smart or smart casual wear is ideal. Mid-tone greys are this season’s hot suit colour if your partner likes to wear them. Accessorise with a good watch and over jacket for a great look. Black shoes are a must for this kind of outfit, although some guys can still pull off tan.

A Christening is a great excuse for all the family to get dressed up. It’s one of the best celebrations to attend as well. If you’re about to be a Godparent, be sure to get plenty of pics with your new Godchild looking absolutely fabulous.


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