| Back to School | The time is almost upon us! Kids, teens and students alike are soon to be back to school, college...

| Back to School |

The time is almost upon us! Kids, teens and students alike are soon to be back to school, college and university! Congratulations! You made it!

If I think back to my school years, (not too long ago… ahem!) I always looked forward to the return to school. Of course, I wanted to catch up with my friends and gossip, but most of all, I looked forward to the stationery and accessories!

So we put together a list of essentials from our favourites, for all ages.


Office Monster have a HUGE range of products that are suitable across the board! For little learners and university goers alike. There is quite literally every thing you could possibly need for a home office or study! So, don’t stress! Back to school shopping has never been easier. Better yet, you can do it all from your armchair, simply wait for next day delivery.

A Parker Pen is both classic and classy! Whether it’s your first day of highschool, college or university, a professional ball point is an excellent way to mark the start of the academic year. You also have a vast selection of notebooks to choose from! Their Silvine notebooks come in packs of four, each with their own designs and they have Pukka Pads to boot! We are huge fans of the project PukKa pads!



Pentel are again, we feel, suitable across the board! The quality of Pentel stationery is outstanding! As a brand, they are committed to providing products that offer good value for money and which allow us to release our true creative sides. So, if you have creative hands at home, or if you simply want to treat yourself, Pentel comes highly recommended.

We have fallen in love with their Hybrid Dual Metallic pens. The shimmering shades produce iridescent colours that differ depending on the colour paper you use. We haven’t come across something like this before! In honesty, we were hooked the second we saw the glitter! The Pentel gel pens are also out of this world!



These lunch bags by Ulster Weaver come in a variety of designs and are perfect for growing kids. They aren’t just for little learners either, there are designs to suit all ages! Ulster Weavers are a home textiles company based in Northern Ireland. They are a family run business with a world wide reach who pride themselves on creating quality products!

The bags are insulated so food is kept cool and fresh and they have a helpful carry handle and zip enclosure too. In a nut shell, these bags are practical and fantastic quality.



Not going to lie. We LOVE Smiggle. Their products are so much fun, both to use and to look at! Everything smells delicious and they aren’t just gimmicky, they are great quality too!

They have a HUGE range of hard top pencil cases, and the one pictured smells divine too! These products are fantastic, they are so hard wearing! Which ultimately is the most important thing. This is not a product you are going to have replace throughout the year. There are handy slots inside for pens which help to keep them neat and tidy. They don’t get bashed around and broken either, so again, you don’t have to continue to replace those throughout the year.

Smiggle have a huge range of products and it is so fun to browse through the selection.



 This 7 piece set is perfect for Beano fans, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t LOVE Beano?! The kit has all of the essentials, so it really is a ‘grab and go’ product. The backpack is bright and colourful, and there is a whole range of compartments to choose from. Super practical, and great quality!

The pencil case comes complete with pencils, a sharpener, a rubber and a handy notepad. All of which are designed in a Dennis and Gnasher theme. The water pistol design notebook is not only fantastic for school notes, but for sketching in general! Why not use it to draw your favourite Beano characters!






Pen Heaven is there for you when you are looking for something a little extra special! There is a huge selection of products, to suit every possible need. The quality of Pen Heaven products is fantastic and there are for me, some stand out items that are simply beautiful.

Pen Heaven is an online business who pride themselves on their customer service and speedy delivery. As we all know, the entire shopping experience is of importance so it is appreciated when a company takes the time to think about the little things.

The selection of notebooks and journals on offer is fantastic! If you are a stationery lover, you need look no further!


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