Be Prepared: 10 Gift Ideas You Haven’t Thought About This Christmas

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching now, and you may be getting out those gift lists. Let us save you some frantic mall sweeps this season. Check out these top ten gift ideas that you may not have considered:

  1. Christmas Hamper – Not many people send these out anymore which is a shame. They traditionally contain all the delicacies of Christmas plus a couple of bottles of Port or wine to wash it all down with. Buy a basket and then fill it with all their favorite treats
  2. Charms – Charm bracelets and necklaces are really popular at the moment. Treat that special someone in your life to a beautiful charm. Pick one that has meaning for the two of you. For something seasonal, have a look for some angels or even a little Christmas tree.
  3. Self Stirring Mugs – These awesome novelty mugs are actually very practical. If your loved one is always struggling to find a teaspoon, then the self-stirring mug could be a great gift for them this holiday season. They are great fun and a perfect gift for the gadget lover in the family
  4. Bath Gift Sets – These beautifully wrapped packages contain everything your loved one could need in the tub. They come in a range of price brackets too, so perfect if you’re on a budget. Soaps, bubbles, bombs and loofahs make for a very splendid gift pack indeed. You can find packs ready made up for the gentlemen in your life too.
  5. Quad Bike Experience – This takes the driving experience a step further. Loved ones will love tearing around in the mud and over the hills on a quad bike. It’s great fun and beats just going round a race track in a posh car!
  6. Zombie Boot Camp – Yes, incredibly, tucked away somewhere in England, you can take on the Zombie apocalypse! Zombies must be defeated with an array of interesting weapons. If your family or friends love role play and experiences, then this could be the gift for them.
  7. Bespoke Perfume – For the lady in your life who loves a good fragrance. The recipient of this gift will have a chance to learn what makes a good quality perfume, and then try some recipes out. This gift allows them to create their own fragrance and keep a bottle of it to take home.
  8. Makeover – A makeover gift at a reputable photographic studio lets the recipient of this gift choose what kind of photo they would like. Something arty, romantic, or featuring the entire family. Makeup and hair styling can be included.6Thanks to Flickr for the pic
  9. Chocolate Making Kit – This one is for anyone who loves chocolate. Find out the secrets of the chocolatiers and then put it into their own recipes. Of course, as the gift giver, you should be entitled to sample the first batch!
  10. Cupcake Maker – If you buy the entire kit, then your loved one could be baking professional looking cupcakes in no time. Who knows, they may even make a living out of it!


Buying gifts at Christmas time is lots of fun, but it can be challenging to find inspiration year after year. Hopefully, these great gift ideas will keep you going! Merry Christmas.

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